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Conspiracy theory thread


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Mine:  1. 9/11 was an inside job. Media used Mariah's Glitter release to get off topic :idkher:

2. A LOT of Pop girls are/ have been black balled b4 their peaks

3. The WHOLE "Illuminati " conspiracy (as we know it) is a prejudice piece of propaganda against Ancient African culture:disgusted: 



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- Project MK Ultra was never abandoned and is still being used on celebrities to control their minds, appeal and life. A new microchip gets implanted every 10 years. 

- The iconic theory that Avril Lavigne commited suicide after the death of her grandfather and was replaced by her look-a-like Melissa because her label didn't want to drop her fame.

- Instagram models are all part of a prostitution sex ring for celebs, government officials, royal family etc.. 

- We're all part of a stimulation of humans in the future and nothing is real.

I'm way too invested in some of these theories, they all sound crazy but what do y'all think? :scamhook:


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2 minutes ago, MelaniesPlayground said:

A new theory! :scamhook:

@BlackoutZone is actually Britney Spears


@Tweener Will kill us all if we don't buy and stream Younger Now (I believe this one :cackle:)

@camilacabello Stans Camila Cabello :sassy: I know, shocking!


Well Tweener can shoot me now :wink:

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