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What Is Your Favourite Song From "reputation" ?

Mary Jane Holland

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First off don't sue me :hail: Second of all I did a Taylor album right after a Katy one :cackle: rip Katy. Anyways, what are your favourite songs from reputation? :magic: For some reason I've been listening to LWYMMD on repeat for a while :hail: Oh and btw if you mention Katy in this thread I'll get @Countess To ban you :cackle: 

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1 hour ago, victorxcx said:

I'm not sure If my favorite is Dancing with Our Hands Tied or Call It What You Want. I guess It depends of the day. I also love King of My Heart, So It Goes..., New Year's Day, End Game, Ready for It, and i kinda like Delicate and Getaway Car too, but don't care too much about the rest of the album.

o.O A lot of favourites 

50 minutes ago, nocloudscontrol said:

I love Dancing With Our Hands Tied and Call It What You Want too, but also love Getaway Car and So It Goes... If I'm being honest I love the whole album. But I think my no.1 favourite has to be Call It What You Want.

Fixed it for you! :magic: 

30 minutes ago, Tweener said:

none. the album is literally bad. I hate to say it cause I used to stan


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