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  1. i don't have a leaked.cx account, is there anywhere else where i can contact this guy ? Does he have an account here, discord ?
  2. Didn't know she wrote the song. That's why it's so good. I like the lyrics. Bonnie is lazy but still talented.
  3. It's more and more difficult to trade on this site. People make few alt accounts to scam, get snippets and simply know song titles and after they create a new account again to do the same shit. We can't really ban anyone with the certitude they will not come back with a vpn or proxy. All of these things affect the forum. We can't safety trade anymore. And since people mainly come here to trade or for the leaks, the forum start to not be so active than before and it's sad. I think some actions need to be taken. I was thinking of not allow new registrations with a vpn and proxy
  4. PHF Just Watch Mail Discord Leakth.is Bank
  5. This song is everything ❤️ And this fan-made video is awesome.
  6. Sia - Quit vs Britney Spears - When Your Eyes Say It
  7. If i only choose one, i think it's this one.
  8. I remember this post. Even 2 years after, it still makes me laugh
  9. Nothing better than a hamburger ? ?
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