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  1. I thought the title said Demi at first.
  2. My Cover Arts

    I agree with this. I think the cover would look fine with just the singular thinner white border.
  3. My Covers

    The bangs look a little off - did you add them? - but overall the mock-ups look fantastic.
  4. Some Of My Covers

    Yeah, I get it's probably frustrating to test things out and it just not look like how you imagined. I still turned out fantastic though!
  5. Eros Cover Arts!

    I love the 80s feel. Usually it could look tacky in terms of design elements, but because it's so obvious it's a homage to a certain era of design, it works.
  6. Some Of My Covers

    If the text had a gradient-like effect to look more holographic, almost tinsel-like, I think it'd be even better, but your work is great.
  7. Scott's Artwork

    Your work is great. I would just recommend making sure your shadows look more realistic when aiming for such an effect.
  8. Lancasters's Cover Arts

    Wait, this one's actually amazing.
  9. The Doomsday Clock Is Now Two Minutes To Midnight

    Ready to die, tbh.
  10. RuPaul's Drag Race | AS3

    Sis, you need to watch RPDR to be a full-certified gay.
  11. Ariana Grande - Masterpost

    Thank you so much.
  12. LEAK: Miley Cyrus - Doctor (FULL UNRELEASED TRACK)

    His work on BANGERZ still leaves me cold. Mike Will is who she shines the most with.
  13. Julia Michaels - Slumber Party (Britney Spears demo)

    I love Julia, but her vocals just don't fit the song like Britney's did.
  14. What are your favorite cartoons?

    I was obsessed with it as a child. The new ones with the horrible animation are such an insult to my childhood memories.
  15. What Is Your Favourite Song From "reputation" ?

    Ready For It is the best on the record in terms of production, but I Did Something Bad is just super noisy.

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