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Dami Im tired of people who tell what to do in her career


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i found some time ago that Dami Im register some new songs under her name as performer and co-write..these songs still register yet but she perform only this song when she was in Korea doing stuff idk why i mean, she had not a single at that time in August.. but she was doing a lot of radio , and press stuff in Korea... as i fan i know this song it's really her i mean is what she think" i am not a puppet" "i am not that stupid , don't need you advise" " i know what i  want i know who i am " " i have a vision and i know the price " "if i have to battle i fight to the end"  etc... Since x factor the "church" fans tell her to not sing pop and not  use some outfit bc wast too sexy or short etc, and the non church fans wanted her to be a queen and do pop... and everyone tell her in comments what to do in her career, i think she is done of that! ,also when Eurovision end ppl and press where like she has to release something now , bc there is not going to be a momment like this again ,and she went to Africa to meet the kids that she supports ,instead of release the new single , then she come back and some time latter she release FFL (Fighting For Love) and did flop. too late.
Sadly Dami believe in Destiny and not in  "don't keep waiting for an open door ,break the lock and get something more" as her first single Alive... she just want to sing and don't care the charts and sales,"she is happy to sing and even get a small bounch of people on her concert," she Said that on an interview. So far dami it's getting a new original album , she  has some songs already as this one but i really don't like as a Sony artist single or even as dami im single you know. anyway i don't think this is going to be on her New album i hope so.. she already posted pics on instagram  in Nashville + her piano soooo.... maybe next year new album thanks to SOS & CC  Success.... i think is not going to be pop this time, 


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BTW i just saw a comment under dami's instagram pic saying if the title of her new album was on her hat and says " Dreamer " FU*K  she is over if this single is on her new album , even if is a promo single or lead single grrr 2013 2014 2015 2016 Sony AUS fails all over again  

AUTO sabotaging their artists :'(
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I remember watching that season of X Factor when she won on youtube.  It was X Factor. Right?   I live in Th U.S., so that was the only way I could watch.  And to be honest she was my least favorite contestant.  I could not stand all the weird outfits they had her wear.  Or maybe she chose them herself?  I was not impressed with her singing style, nor her voice for that matter.  After the season was over I honestly never gave her another thought.  And now to read that she is still singing kind of surprises me.  I honestly thought she would go no further than the show.  Good on her for trying to make a career in the music industry. 

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On 12/17/2017 at 10:41 AM, Lelewlovebird said:

Dami is actually pretty talented, I wonder what her next album will turn out like

Wait for her to reveal it's a covers album featuring her covering songs that were previously covered by Dami Im on The X Factor in 2013... :scamhook:

On 2/7/2018 at 8:49 AM, HEARTBREAKHIGH said:

I thought the title said Demi at first. :awkwardney:

It does sound exactly like something Demi would say tbh... :cackle:

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