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  1. masterposts

    I need The Veronicas one
  2. She still looks like an ugly cunt
  3. Gale Force - Countdown

    Love the chorus
  4. Made Up Album Thread

    Charli XCX - No Angel 1. No Angel 2. After The Afterparty (Stargate Version) 3. Come To My Party 4. High On Helium 5. Die 4 6. Taxi 7. Queen Lizzy 8. Bounce 9. TKO 10. Glow 11. Can You Hear Me 12. Champion 13. Good Girls 14. Round And Round
  5. Some Of My Covers

    Omg slé me
  6. What are your favorite albums of 2017 so far?

    Allie X - Collxtion II Terror Jr - Bop City 2 Terror Jr - Bop City 3 Kesha - Rainbow Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel EMI - Planet Daughter - Music From Before The Storm PVRIS - All We Know Of Heaven All We Need From Hell
  7. Let's play a game, tell me the most delayed album you know :scamhook:

    1. jlnsgr


      Digital Distortion (Cancelled)

      JOYRIDE (Career cancelled)

      Fantasea II

      Taryn Manning - Freedom City/tARYNOID

    2. choke


      Neon Hitch - Beg Borrow & Steal (2008)

    3. Countess


      Dr. Dre - Detox (2004) :cackle:

  8. PonPonPon is the song our faves wish they made, it's super catchy and it still sounds fresh
  9. Witness Megarate | SEND IN RATES

    That was fun, I love the covers, you should do the Kesha one next
  10. Hi, I'm new around here.

    Get ebola
  11. Delete a Song From Your Faves Discography

    Kesha - Dinosaur Charli XCX - London Queen Jon Bellion - Dead Man Walking Terror Jr - Sugar Kiiara - Gold Sky Ferreira - Boys PVRIS - Smoke Daughter - Medicine Allie X - Tumor
  12. Phoebe Ryan - James EP

    I love everything on this EP, I had low expectations 'cause I didn't like her previous releases
  13. Charli XCX & Katy Perry said opposite, PPP is like the most viewed j pop video

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