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  1. choke

    Happy 30th Birthday Rihanna

    Omg she fucking old
  2. choke

    DO you BOP to Willa Ford?

    What the fuck is that?
  3. Never hooked up, that's trashy
  4. choke

    Fix the Era

    Too gay for gp
  5. choke

    Fix the Era

    Kesha: Lead: Praying 2nd Single: Learn To Let Go 3rd Single: Boots 4th Single: Let Em Talk Last single: Spaceship
  6. choke

    What Animal Are You?

    A gay
  7. choke

    The Powder Room - My Way

  8. choke

    Has the media turned on your fave?

    Well I don't stan her anymore but we all know the whole Melanie Martinez/Timothy Heller thing
  9. choke

    The Powder Room - My Way

    This is shit.
  10. Reminder that you're all gay and are going to burn in hell, bisexuals, asexuals, spermisexuals etc included 

  11. choke

    Ever been apart of the GP?

    Well the first thing I got into was Tokio Hotel & Cinema Bizarre
  12. choke

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

  13. Speedy needs to be stopped, take the technology away from him, that bitch is dangerous and needs help.
  14. choke


    Yaaaas at Gospel music, which one is your favorite CupcakKe song?

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