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What Scrapped track Are You Still Dying To Hear?

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Also everything Ashlee Simpson recorded for the album supposed to feature Bat for a Heart 

Tea by Gaga Want To final version by Dua (it will leak so ) PAPER MASSACRE by Florence  WDBCF by Melania 

23 hours ago, shout87 said:

It's really sad to me that Hilary or Avril have no leaks to them. Gaga recently had a huge random leak fest and I'm over here wishing something of my favs would come out. You lucky Gaga fans, you. Someone give me a Hilary and Avril leak fest, please! xD

We did have a big leak fest but we're still waiting for everyone's #1 song, 'Quicksand'... :yeah: 

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12 hours ago, coolaideonfire said:

Avril Lavigne - Daydream

We have clips, but I'd love to hear her version in full. I believe it was being considered as the first single from Under My Skin at one point.

It's amazing to me that we FINALLY have Breakaway yet we don't have this one (even when 2 artists have covered it). Seriously, I need some Avril leaks to happen. Her breaks in between records are way too long. :/ 

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On 18/04/2018 at 6:23 AM, xoxoxooxoxoxoxo said:

yess. sangria wine & Scar Tissue. I put on hold that soon Music Mafia will have it's only natural, the boy,...

One of Camila's managers has said that both tracks are being worked on for release. I guess it's just a matter of time now.

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