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Merry Christmas Mass Lana leakz (Edits)


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Hey gorls here are the edit's of the current unleaked songs, Miss Hakan scammed me so have fun xox


Yes To Heaven - http://picosong.com/dem7/

Be My Daddy - http://picosong.com/deJB/


Fine China - http://picosong.com/deSs/


Every Man Gets His Wish (Version 2) - http://picosong.com/deSq/


BBM Baby (Version 2) - http://picosong.com/deS5/




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18 minutes ago, Cypher said:

I love that Fine China leaked cause I was tired of reading comments like "NOBODY HAS FINE CHINA," and dumbasses coming up with theories about how these songs were never in circulation or whatever. Delusional fans, crawl back in your hole pls, I'm not here for it.

I had this song for a month or so :stretcher: 

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15 hours ago, Baby V Alex said:

FUCK!! What have I've missed from Lana this year?

Resistance, Roses, Bad Revolution, 1949 (studio version), BBM Baby (early mix and edited final), Super Movie, Hollywood Movie, Girl That Got Away, Other Woman, Caught You Boy, Motel 6 (The Rural/Vicarage Version), Go Go Dancer 2.0, Dance For Money, Like Your Friend Did, Party Girl (Demo), The Ocean, Roller Derby, Off to the Races (2 early mixes/demos), Born to Die (early mix/demo 3), Yes to Heaven (edited), Fine China (edited), Be My Daddy (edited), Every Man Gets His Wish 2.0 (edited), plus many snippets and a few outtakes.

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