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Hear'Say Unreleased 3rd Album


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On 11/7/2016 at 9:13 PM, Musicsongs said:


Did anyone anyone ever get hold the unreleased 3rd Hear'Say album? Or any other unreleased tracks? 

Leaked or released 

Lovin' Is Easy (1st Single)

If You Wanna Roll (unreleased 2nd single) 

Yet to leak...

If I Go Astray 

Fool (If You're Missing My Lovin')

This Is Me 


Just Havin' Fun

I believe that there wasn't enough finished tracks for a full album when then changed the lineup. There was a documentary filmed and a internal cd with at least 5 of the songs on it was shown on the documentary.


  • Lovin' Is Easy


  • If Your Gonna Roll With Me (supposed 2nd single)
  • Just Havin' Fun (leaked by the producer)


  • The One (this was a ballad)

  • Rush

  • This Is Me

  • If I Go Astray *also called Stray)

  • Fool (If You're Missing My Lovin')

  • One 

  • Zero Gravity (from the writers of Pure & Simple)

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On 10/18/2018 at 10:36 PM, legallylei said:

Did any one ever get to hear these tracks? I’d love to hear them after all these years, or even just watch The Next Chapter documentary which features some of them.  Did any of you hear the Everybody 2002 Mix?  Does it differ from the single version much?  Can’t find the Lovin’ Is Easy cassette anywhere.

Hi, still no sign of any of the tracks. 

I've got the cassette with Everybody 2002 Mix and I genuinely can't tell the difference. 

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12 hours ago, rymc730 said:

bumping this thread. Anyone have any Hear'Say, particularly unreleased, that they can share?

Not sure what you need, but here is some of their music.  I am not sure If I have previously shared this on PHF, and I am to lazy to look back through all my posts to find out.  :)

Also to @legallylei for liking the request. 



Hear'Say - Popstars (Lossless)


Pure And Simple (Backing Track)


I hope this helps you in your hunt for their music.

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