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  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for finding these! I've been wanting to watch this!
  2. I love No Angels. That sounds awesome! Minute by Minute is a TUNE!
  3. Hey, that sounds fun! Not that I know of, that’s the first I’ve heard of this. Maybe someone else has some more info for us!
  4. I still have hope that one day we’ll get to hear some of the tracks recorded for the planned 3rd album too!
  5. I’d love to hear their version of If There’s Any Justice. Such a shame they didn’t stay as a group and release more. Would have loved to hear some of the tracks they recorded, like this. I wonder why she mentioned sharing it? Did someone ask her?
  6. I really hope Hear’Say’s third album leaks one day. Apparently there was an internal cd sampler with a few of the tracks from The New Chapter ITV2 documentary but it’s sadly never leaked. Can’t find the documentary anywhere either!
  7. Fingers crossed the Pop gods hear us and we get to hear some of them in their full glory soon!
  8. Did any one ever get to hear these tracks? I’d love to hear them after all these years, or even just watch The Next Chapter documentary which features some of them. Did any of you hear the Everybody 2002 Mix? Does it differ from the single version much? Can’t find the Lovin’ Is Easy cassette anywhere.
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