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  1. My God haha, I'm not a producer, just a member in this forum. I don't have any songs.
  2. Here you have two songs from the recording sessions for the third album (the audio is taken from the Hear'Say A New Chapter series, nothing listenable, producers of the songs must have them somewhere lost in a hardrive.
  3. I read somewhere that there could be like 7 tracks recorded, sadly that sampler isn't listed on discogs, so I wouldn't keep my hopes up for those songs. They didn't include any b-sides on the "Lovin is Easy" single neither
  4. For the 3rd time, there aren`t any new songs leaked from the third album, and it probably won't be, there wasn't even an album sampler.
  5. It sounds amazing (much better that the one I had), just there's a little problem wict the balance on right and left.
  6. Do you have "Lovin Is Eeasy" (video version) with the dance break?
  7. Is it the file that the producer of the song shared on soundcloud?
  8. COuld someone share the b-sides in lossless format?
  9. Does anyone have "Lovin' is easy" video version?
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