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It's hard to believe she couldn’t get a park right outside the venue.

Lady Gaga wanted to give paps the best chance possible to catch a snap of her arriving at her 30th birthday after she walked more than two blocks in some terribly uncomfortable looking heels.

Arriving with her actor fiance Taylor Kinney, the singer was dressed in a gold mini-dress and thick black belt, and adorned her neck with a sparkling diamond necklace.

The star-studded event was held at the No Name restaurant in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, a bar and restaurant with zero signage and is ultra exclusive to get into.

One expensive gift seen being delivered to the party was a drawing by Michael Jackson. Yep, THE Michael Jackson. The drawing is titled ‘Dancing Feet’ and is thought to be valued at around $A30,000.

The guest list included the birthday girl's family members and friends such as Taylor Swift , 26, Kate Hudson, 36, Nick Jonas, 23, Suki Waterhouse, 24, Lorde, 19, Lana Del Rey, 30, Gaga's American Horror Story co-star Kathy Bates, 67, Pharrell Williams, 42, Mark Ronson, 40, Kylie Minogue, 47, Evan Ross, 27, and wife Ashlee Simpson Ross, 31, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Lisa Rinna, 52, and Lisa Vanderpump and former cast member Taylor Armstrong, 44, and pregnant Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend.


Gaga and Kinney packed on the PDA during the bash and he also acted like the perfect fiancé, making sure his girl was OK throughout the evening, E! News has learned.

In addition, Gaga performed at the party, which many guests said was the best part of the night. "She sounded amazing," a source told E! News exclusively. 

Swift, who wore a loose-fitting black, shimmering jumpsuit, gave Gaga a huge hug and danced with her and Hudson. She was also seen talking to del Rey and Williams.

"Everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' to Gaga and it was a perfect night," the source added.


I love that she seems to be so happy and has so many friends lately! <3 This guest list is flawless tbh, imagine having a conversation with Lisa, Kylie and Kathy. :shocked: And slay at her and Lana ovcercoming their stupid beef! I'm sad my invitation got lost in the mail. :'( 

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1 hour ago, Cypher said:

I'm glad to see Lana there! Too bad Kesha couldn't join, also, rip Beyonce.

Omg, where is Kesha?! Maybe they thought it would look bad for her to be out partying while she's meant to be in court, so she went in through the back door. ;) 

1 hour ago, Baby V Alex said:

Where are the media post ripping Lana & Gaga's friendship because of So Legit? Also, I'm sad because I use to make fun of Little Monster wanting Lana to be friends with Gaga and be cool with each other after So Legit and now I can't do that :'(

Either Gaga never knew about the song (which is unlikely) or they've moved past it, because they've been pictured quite a bit together lately. Ready for the collab tbh. :excited: 

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