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Lady Gaga Releases and Unreleases Documentary With Tony Bennett

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Idk if people outside the Gaga fandom have been following this absolute mess, but for those who don't know...

Back in 2021 Gaga's team announced they had a documentary coming out on Paramount+ to go along with the release of her album with Tony, Love For Sale. We heard nothing about the documentary for two years. It's possible that Gaga pulled the plug, as Tony's son and manager remembers her saying, “Is this the right thing to do?”

Cut to last year and after Tony's death the documentary was retooled to be about Tony and Gaga's relationship for release in September that year. Towards the end of last year, fans noted that the documentary had been put up for pre-sale on Youtube but still didn't have a release date. At the end of the year, fans asked the editor if it was still coming, and they confirmed it was finished but had no release date.

Today the documentary was uploaded on Paramount+ in Mexico. It features Gaga singing unreleased songs like Captivated and Princess Die to Tony. Fans speculated that Gaga would appear at the Grammys to announce the surprise release of the documentary.

However, around seven hours after being uploaded, the documentary was taken down off Paramount+. We still have no release date or official confirmation that the documentary will be coming.

Use this thread to drag Lady Gaga and post the illegal watch links when they come :magic: 

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3 hours ago, Eros_92 said:

I already asked around. No one seems to have it. But i'll keep an eye out. 

I feel like if it's already uploaded to Paramount it's probably going to be out in the next couple of months anyway. But let me know if you see it around! I really just wanna hear the unreleased songs :yeah: 

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