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This is not a MASTERPOST


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Hey there!

I might be a little late for that but since in two days, it will be my first month anniversary on here, I just wanted to say hi (properly this time).

I have 2-3 addictions and unfortunetely for you (and me), one of them is music.

When I really love an artists I like to acquire everything this artist as ever made, as long as it is good haha.

I have already talked to some of you and so far I really like it here.

Hope you'd like to see me around and also enjoy the masterposts I've made and will make in the future.


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I was wondering where you came from cos I don't remember ever seeing a welcome topic! <3 So happy to have you here, you're one of those users who I'm so glad has found us because you seem to actually be posting good content and not just spamming the Music Trading thread. :magic: Thanks for joining up and let us know if you have any questions!

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