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Hi fellow music lovers~

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I used to be on here for several years, entirely forgot my username/email. But hello again! I’m back. 

About me: I’m 26-years-old, I’ll be 27 in April. I go by she/they. My name is Jae or JJ. I have a fiancé who I’ve been with for over three years.

I like k-pop (mostly BLACKPINK, Somi, and girl groups. I don’t fancy BTS anymore because of the fandom itself but I do like their old music and the solo stuff), pop music, indie, alternative, and a bunch more. I listen to all types. Are there still threads on here for an artists’ entire discography? I’ll probably make a few if they still exist. I haven’t been on since 2020. My home life is shit so I use music to escape (mom is dead, father is a year or two from dying himself, I’m alone). 

Anyway, I need to make my life less depressing by actually making friends. Sorry if I’ve scared anyone off. 🤣

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I'm so sorry to hear about your parents :( But you're part of the PHFamily now so you're never really alone! <3 Plus at least you have a fiancee unlike my never had a boyfriend ass :yeah: 

I hope you enjoy it here and if you remember your old username, let us know! I would love to see if we've chatted before :cackle: Best of luck with everything! <3 

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On 1/21/2023 at 10:39 PM, Leaving said:

People like this are so weird. Sign up to a website, trauma dump about your weird family and then never post again  :cackle: I don't understand the appeal

Actually, I couldn’t log in. I tried. My password wasn’t working for a while and I couldn’t get into the email I used. Not that I didn’t wanna be here. 😅

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