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Hey y'all!


So as you can probably tell, we have a brand new forum system and layout! This is the system that I've been saving up all my money for for years. It's called IPBoards and it's probably the best out there, although you might not be able to tell right now. :stretcher: Feel free to play around with it a bit and see how much you like it!


Please keep in mind that I'm definitely 100% aware how messy this new layout is looking right now. :stretcher: It may take me a couple of weeks to get it at a place where it looks good, as I'm going to LA soon and don't wanna be spending every hour of the day playing on my computer! But as I saw a few of you commenting on the likes being unreliable, I decided it was best to update now and get it over with so y'all can enjoy the new features even if the site as a whole isn't yet entirely finished.


If you have any issues so far, or any suggestions for what we could do to improve the site, please let me know! Otherwise, stay tuned for more news and keep an eye out for even more new features coming very very soon. ;)


Known Issues:

Passwords have been changed for many users.

Some emoticons are not visible.

The notifications and private messaging tabs are usable but not visible.

Post counts are not always accurate.

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Sorry about the log in issues guys. : I'm trying to fix it up as we speak but still waiting on a response from IP. If you want to get in in the meantime, you can just reset your password, or if you're having trouble with even that e-mail me at mo@pophatesfags.org and I'll change it for you. Otherwise I'll aim to have it back to normal by the end of the week. Sorry about this! :(

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We've fixed up all the major issues with the site which is super exciting! Now we get to work on the layout which should be fun. ;) Does anyone have any ideas for color schemes?


Can you make the header be my ass?  :hail:

It would be red and black, true phf colors <3 

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