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Who Should PHF Interview Next?

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So I'm trying to get the blog a little more active than it has been lately and I'm thinking we should interview some flops out there who can't afford actual PR agents!

:magic: I'm also going to be in LA for like six weeks soon so I wanna get some exclusives with any of those Hollywood bitches who will do anything for attention (Farrah Abraham, I'm looking at you girl :vacuum:).

Does anyone have any ideas? Any hole is a goal so let me know who's desperate enough! ;)

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I tweeted at Ivy Levan. She's tweeted me a couple times so maybe she'll see it. Doubtful, but it's something.

Thank you! :hail: If anyone else is interested in this interview, please favourite or retweet it here so she might have more of a chance to see it! <3

Interview that really cool, underground, New York-born, open mic performer "Lizzy Grant"! :hail: She seems really cool and she has great music. o:-)

That's a great idea! :magic: She doesn't seem to have much of a fanbase so I'm sure she'd be easy to grab for an interview. ;)

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