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Albums You Can't Live Without


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Are there any albums that have really struck a chord with you?

An album that you find yourself going back to and still enjoying each track.


I would say for me, Sky Ferreira's Night Time, My Time is one of those albums for me. I mean, yes, there are a few songs that I'll skip, but the majority of the album refains fresh to me when I relisten to it.


Another album that I love is Hunter Hayes' Storyline. There are a couple tracks on that album that I just keep going back to.


Also can't forget Selena Gomez's Stars Dance!

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1. Bright Light Bright Light - Make Me Believe In Hope

This album first came to my attention when I was at sort of a crossroads in my life. I connect with every song on a really deep level and there are actually a few I can't even listen to anymore, because they make me an insensate sobbing mess. I can't recommend this album enough. If you only listen to one from my list, make it this one.

2. Lykke Li - I Never Learn

Sometimes it's okay to feel desolate. It's a good way to wipe the slate clean and build yourself back up again. Unfortunately, catharsis of that type is normally difficult to achieve; That's why I turn to this album whenever I need to get back on my feet. It's 34 minutes of pure emotional agony and afterwards, there's nowhere to go but up.

3. Miike Snow - Miike Snow

I pull this one out when I feel contemplative. There are a lot of layers in the music and whenever I have a free evening, I try to divine meaning and relevance in this album's calming electronic ocean of beats. As many times as I've listened to this one already, it still manages to surprise me during most listening sessions, with some new quirk that I'd missed before.

4. Uffie - Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans

Whenever I'm supremely annoyed or angry, this one comes out to play. Every song is so brash and loud. It's a very in-your-face statement that all these songs make, which makes it perfect to letting off steam. Just imagine yourself screaming lyrics from Pop The Glock or Difficult at the source of your consternation and the feelings just evaporate away.

5. Zowie - Love Demolition

I love this album because most of the songs just sound like nothing else. Zowie's stilted vocal style is kinda similar to mine and I can sing pretty much every song proficiently as a result. There are some serious jams that I never really tire of, like the ethereal 5-minute centerpiece of the album, Idiotize and the sassy, frenetic Ping Ping. I only come back to it about once a year, but it gives me a solid week or two of re-listening material. That's hard to do.

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I'm not going to explain my choices because I think we all know that I ramble too much, plus, about 234234 albums popped in my head, so I'll list the albums I know every song to that will never get old. <3

Nobody's Daughter by Hole

Portrait Of An American Family - Marilyn Manson

21 At 33 and Peach Tree Road by Elton John

Alone Judy Garland

Just Like You - Allison Iraheta

Light Me Up - The Pretty Reckless

Educated Horses - Rob Zombie

The Young & The Hopeless - Good Charlotte

Seventeen Days - 3 Doors Down

Bigger, Better, Faster, More! - 4 Non Blondes

Confederacy Of Ruined Lives - Eyehategod

ARTPOP - Lady Gaga

The Ascension, Sevas Tra, House Of Secrets - Otep

Banga - Patti Smith

Charnel House Rock, Out Of The Crypt & Into Your Heart and Death Valley High  - Zombina & The Skeletones

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I'm pretty sure I've mentioned these all before and bitches are getting sick of it, but here we go anyway. :stretcher:

4. Lady Gaga - The Fame

Looking back on it, this album really isn't that incredible, and a lot of the songs sound pretty dated and boring to me at this point tbqh. That said, listening to this for the first time (along with the first time I heard 'Just Dance' on the radio) were two complete revelatory moments for me that changed my life forever by introducing me to pop music! And once I got on that bandwagon, I couldn't stop it for anything. :hail:

3. Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

It took me a while to get into Lana, but once I did I became a stan for life! This album was such a stunning debut and I rediscovered it just the other day only to find that every song is still just as great as the first time I heard it. If anything, I actually love it even more now she's a little less overexposed. Slay queen. :hail:

2. Utada - Exodus

If you still haven't heard this album (and yes Cypher, I'm talking to you) you are missing out on sooooooo much life. Every song is just impeccably made (apart from maybe 'About Me' and 'Easy Breezy') and it's even more amazing when you consider she pretty much wrote and produced the entire thing by herself. I miss this girl so much and I'm eagerly awaiting a future comeback into music. <3

1. Britney Spears - Blackout

Do I even need to explain this? The album is amazing and the mythology built up around it is even more incredible. It opened my eyes up to sexuality, mass media and edgy music and basically just slays my entire existence. I dare anyone to resist dancing when 'Get Naked' comes on. :hail:

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