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Disney Sued $250 Million For Stealing Frozen

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You might have thought Walt Disney's "Frozen" was about an ice princess and a talking snowman ... but it's actually one woman's true-life story -- or so she's claiming in a new $250 MILLION lawsuit.

Isabella Tanikumi claims the movie is NOT based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, "The Snow Queen" ... but rather her 2010 autobiography -- about growing up in the Andean mountains of Peru.

Tanikumi claims Disney plagiarized and copied the story, characters, and plots from her book ... and turned it into "Frozen" -- the highest grossing animated flick of all time.

We took a quick look at her book ... nope, didn't see a talking snowman.

Our advice to her ... let it go.

If Frozen was really based on her life story then this is one amazing bitch! :hail: She can create snow from thin air, owns a talking snowman and is a princess that we've never heard of. I wanna meet her! :hail:

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I saw this earlier, didn't care for it. Some bitch just wanting money to fix her broke ass home up.

She probably does have a broke ass home if she comes from Peru. :stretcher: Even though Frozen is meant to be set in Europe...

Frozen is stupid anyway.

I kind of agree tbh. :stretcher: Like, I didn't dislike it but it really doesn't deserve the hype at all. Brave and Tangled were both like a million times better tbh. :hail:

I'm 1/1024th Native American. Therefore, I am suing Disney for appropriating my life story as the basis for Pocahontas.  :magic:

Thank you for sharing your touching life story with us as a person of colour Sean. I'm so sorry for all the hardships you've had in your life to do with gambling, murder, and cultural appropriation of the traditional native American headdress. :'(

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