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Found 2 results

  1. On July 29 @AHSFX posted this teaser on their twitter feed. A female face can be seen, many fans now think that this is Lady Gaga. A Theory: This is Lady Gaga because there is a caterpillar crawling on her face and Lady Gaga talked about a caterpillar emoji a while ago Even tho it's a centipede fans keep thinking this is Lady Gaga, which has a strong possibility. All we can do now is wait for the new season that will air on September 14th 2016.
  2. So last night me and my boyfriend went to see American Idiot in Exeter at the Northcott theatre and it was FLAWLESS. After the show, me and my boy went to the stage door and had a bit of an awkward encounter with an understudy as she had to ask us if we wanted her autograph, to which I said "okay". Not too long after, my boyfriend said "Boo, Amelia's coming" and I thought he was joking so I basically just shut him down and said "don't do that to me"... he replied "I'm serious, she's right there", so as I turned around, she started walking out of the door and as she had seen us in the show because I waved, she came straight toward me and my boyfriend. She signed the single artworks I made for You Bring Me Joy, Shut Up and Party Over, as well as my tour programme and a programme and poster for my boyf. I tried to keep it subtle and moved close to her and said quietly "so when can we expect an album", to which she replied "maybe not an album but perhaps a single" along with some other information that I cannot disclose. She then asked us where we're from and how far it was and if we were driving back that night, we said yes and she told us to drive safe and said that she hopes to see us again soon and gave us both a hug! I'm so happy!! Here are the covers I re-designed and Amelia signed for me
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