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  1. Music XXclusives

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    someone please leak camila cabello the boy the full song is apparently 2:29 min
  2. Music XXclusives

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Part.2: Christina Aguilera- I Will Be Christina Aguilera - Dame Lo Que Yo Te Doy Christina Aguilera- Tan Emocional Christina Aguilera- Your Body (Demo) @melaniegaga
  3. Music XXclusives

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Christina Aguilera- Fall In Line (Demo) Christina Aguilera - Nasty (feat. Cee Lo Green) Christina Aguilera - Fighter (Demo) Christina Aguilera – Beautiful (Demo Version) Bonnie Mckee Let There Be Love (Christina Aguilera Demo) Christina Aguilera- I Come Undone Christina Aguilera- Dreamy Eyes Christina Aguilera – You Lost Me (Demo acapella) Christina Aguilera- Too Beautiful For Words That's the part. 1, I will upload the others rare/demos later that day
  4. Music XXclusives

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Song I want them to leak before the year ends: 1- Charli XCX- Pop The Balloons (Demo) 2- Kesha- Birthday Suit 3-Selena Gomez- Girl Crush ('cmon the song has been bought twice) 4-Iggy Azalea- Love Don’t Fail Me 5-Dua Lipa ft Ariana Grande- Bad To You 6- Tinashe- Prisoner 7- Camila Cabello- First man 8- Rihanna- Same old Love 9- Bebe rexha- nothing at all
  5. Music XXclusives

    Bebe Rexha- Unreleased Snippets Collection (2015-2018)

    thank you for correcting these songs? any there other songs that are not in the right era/sessions?
  6. Music XXclusives

    Bebe Rexha- Unreleased Snippets Collection (2015-2018)

    ok as for the unreleased/leaked songs AYF outtakes: Bed Apple On My Way Don't Know Like A Baby Between Us Take It Off (Solo) Naughty (Solo) Human (isn't really an outtake, just a song made during the AYF days) The Way I Are (Solo Version) Pre/IDWGU outtakes: You're A Bitch Mistake Like You All Hands On Deck (Tinashe Demo) Worst Way I Don't Need Anything (Me, Myself & I Demo) Cry Wolf Die Tonight (original +demo) Bad Bitches Don’t Cry Over This Love Rome Is Burning Kill Me Back To Life Starlight The Lucky Ones (Demo) Like A Champion (Selena Gomez Demo) Let’s Fake Love Lights Go Out Problem Child Translate Comeback Kids I Wanna Love You Forever Can’t Make Somebody Loves You Champagne Die a Little 90’s Mashup Some Girls (Madonna Demo) So Delicious One Cry (a DJ track that features bebe voice) Drop It To The Floor Battle Cry Ride Till You Die Monster Under My Bed Hard N Steady
  7. Music XXclusives

    Bebe Rexha- Unreleased Snippets Collection (2015-2018)

    Tracklist (for the collection updated) : 1- One Last Night (AYF outtake) 2- The Little Things (AYF/Expectations Outtake) 3- 24/7 (IDWGU outtake) 4-Chess Piece (IDWGU outtake) 5- Nothing At All (Expectations Outtake) (Hope this leaks soon) 6- Matches/Matches In Heaven/You Don't Even Know* (Expectations Outtake) 7- Blanket (IDWGU outtake) 8-Wasted (IDWGU outtake) 9-Spirit/Spirit In Me* (AYF/Expectations outtake) 10- Forever Thing (AYF outtake) 11- Take It Off (Ft. Julia Micheals) (AYF outtake) (Solo Bebe Version leaked) 12- My Own Worst Enemy (AYF outtake) 13- Guaranteed For Life (AYF outtake) 14- Naughty (Ft.Offset) (AYF outtake) (Solo Version is on Soundcloud) 15- Tell Me Baby/Like That/Us Too* (AYF outtake) 16- 2 AM, Empty Bar (AYF/Expectations outtake) *: means that the song does not have an official name
  8. Music XXclusives

    Bebe Rexha- Unreleased Snippets Collection (2015-2018)

  9. Music XXclusives

    Hilary Duff - Rare and Unreleased

    isn't I need a Sunday a cover we need #Hilary_Duff_Leaks especially Like I Care, dignity & BIBO outtakes
  10. Music XXclusives

    List of Unleaked Melanie Martinez Songs

    missing half-hearted (studio version)
  11. https://we.tl/fTxCp4oWsw here, you will unreleased snippets songs by bebe rexha, some songs have non-confirmed names, and if i'm missing anything, just DM me and if anyone has a full song off this list, also DM me
  12. Music XXclusives

    Rumored Singers Album Covers

    Here, I've come for many photoshoots by different artists that deserved to be an official album cover or a single cover. Lil Kim (rumored to be the original cover of The Notorious K.I.M.) Lady Gaga: (rumored to be the original ARTPOP album cover back then) (rumored to be the original Born This Way cover) Madonna: ( rumored at first to be the original album cover before it was cropped) Britney Spears (rumored to be the first album by britney under the name "Britney Spears", later the artwork and the name of the album changed to ...Baby one more time) (both rumored to be the original in the zone album) ( rumored to be the original cover of Britney "Blackout" cover) if you know other facts by other artist/ your faves please post comments and thank you all
  13. Music XXclusives

    Thoughts on other forums

    ATRL is my favorite forum (but I don't have access to it) and also PHF is my favorite account FOTP is a boring forum Church of pop is like PHF but they do a lot of album megarates
  14. Music XXclusives

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Charli XCX Un-Leaked Songs 1. Eyes Wide 2. No Romeo 3. Warrior 4. Middle Finger 5. NYC (The Way Out) 6. Go Up 7. On The Way Out 8. Types 9. Japan (Original Version) 10. Cherry Pie 11. Mona Lisa 12. Shoes 13. Turn Me On 14. 7 Days 15. Thousand times 16. Supernova 17. 20 Steps 18. Bel Air 19. Tears & Tantrums 20. Rain Over London 21. The Middle (Demo) 22. Shut Up 23. Tulips in the Field 24. Heartbeat 25. Happy Now 26. Painkiller 27. In My Arms 28. Everything 29. It’s My Party 30. Electronique 31. My Heart 32. I Don’t Wanna Know 33. Jungle (Original Version) 34. Dreams 35. 1999 36. Rare (Charli XCX Version) 37. Don’t Let Me Go 38. Generation Braindead 39. Dynamite 40. Like This 41. Can You Please Shut Up 42. Candyfloss 43. Baby Love (Charli XCX version) 44. Party Party/Party For You (Studio Version) 45. White Mercedes 46. Hey Boy Hey Girl 47. Pop The Balloons 48. Round And Round 49. Taxi Guys, is this the full list. And any tracks in here got leaked (even in LQ) or anyone has it, DM me it. I heard there is a discord where almost all of charli xcx demos leaked, can someone send me an invite to this discord and thxx.
  15. Music XXclusives

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Bebe Rexha- On My Way Selena Gomez- Girl Crush Selena Gomez- Let Me Love You Camila Cabello- The Boy Kesha- Birthday Suit Rihanna- Same Old Love

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