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  1. Music XXclusives

    Sia - Testosterone (Full HQ?)

    someone people have Champagne Lights and Could It Be, hope they leak and yes music mafia teased alot of Rita like Backup Plan (a bop that need to leak) Still Here Is It Love and Girl Like You, which is produced by Calvin Harris
  2. Music XXclusives

    18 Hits Rihanna Turned Down

    I would be interested to hear same old love by Rihanna in full. As we know, Rihanna songs don't leak alot, so we need fans to leak this song after it was bought from Music Mafia
  3. Music XXclusives

    Meghan Trainor's Infamous Leaky Water Ride of March 2019

    yes from 2012-2013 @Ribbons said that new Meghan will leak soon
  4. Music XXclusives

    Meghan Trainor's Infamous Leaky Water Ride of March 2019

    Someone leak do your dance and doctor
  5. Music XXclusives

    Music Mafia Songlist

    Leave It (not Leave Me) leaked aside taboo Add By Your Side by Tinashe to this list, so there's only By Your Side and Underneath The Lights that weren't bought or leaked so far
  6. Music XXclusives

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Someone leak Rita ora sex on my mind and could it be
  7. Music XXclusives

    Madonna 1997 Demo Assembly

    We are closer to get the other demos/unreleased from this CD
  8. Music XXclusives

    Tinashe - Studio Snippets (Unreleased Collection)

    Yes, we need Underneath The Lights Hope this will leak this year By your side isn't that much interesting And for fearless V2, fake MM on Instagram and two I know have it, and they said that the version that we have is better than the V2
  9. Music XXclusives

    Madonna 1997 Demo Assembly

    These aren't the demos of these CD The Frozen Demo is fake Same as be careful it is fan made These are snippets of the real snippets Hear the symphony of the Frozen demo
  10. Music XXclusives

    Madonna 1997 Demo Assembly

    The site is in maintenance now 😑
  11. Music XXclusives

    Madonna 1997 Demo Assembly

    Good so we have 4/14 tracks from that CD. Hope the rest leaks
  12. Music XXclusives

    Madonna 1997 Demo Assembly

    You'll Stay Link: https://picosong.com/wSHbf/
  13. Music XXclusives

    Madonna 1997 Demo Assembly

    IDK if the power of goodbye, no substitute for love and to have and not to hold demos are the same as the released demos online.
  14. Music XXclusives

    Madonna 1997 Demo Assembly

    Hello everybody, hope you all fine Just asking if anyone have this tape/songs from this CD. We know that only you'll stay leaked and yesterday Frozen Demo leaked but was removed from SoundCloud
  15. Music XXclusives

    In memory of.. those scrapped albums

    We got good leaks from AIWIE jumping trains and the EDM version of Mad love needs to leaks

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