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  1. Glamleska

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    I guess this isn't a leak beg so much as wondering if anyone has the Wal Mart/Target bonus track "How A Girl Feels" in at least 128kbps from The Cheetah Girls "TCG" album.... cause I can't find it in good quality ANYWHERE.
  2. Glamleska

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    hey bitches. 1 of 3 times I’ve looked even close to trade. 😂 the Britney shrine proves the theory wrong.
  3. Glamleska


    I agree with this. I'm honestly disgusted. We don't know anything that's happened her life besides what they want us to know, all of this is hearsay and everyone's freaking out. If Britney was in danger I GUARANTEE her family would be handling it and the court system would be as well. She's clearly not being imprisoned if she's out getting her hair done and being given access to phones, her children, etc. for the past few years. I'm in no way defending her team because they are trash and always have been, however this assumption that she is being held against her will and they are mistreating her is disgusting. Yes, Britney has been known not to be given access to driving for years but for her own safety. She's one of the most sought after pop stars since Michael Jackson and can be put in danger very quickly without protection, DUH. Everyone's hopping on a bandwagon from some stupid podcast (that I refuse to listen to) full of unconfirmed facts and "inside sources". She was put in the conservatorship for a reason many years ago, there were days I woke up in 2007 where I was hoping I wouldn't see a headline that she committed suicide or overdosed. Things haven't been like 2007 SINCE 2007, so lets let sleeping ducks lie. Fans bringing up old leaked audio from many years ago has no relevance to what is happening 10 years later. Yes, things haven't been right since then but when you undergo public scrutiny and shame with everything she's had to deal with, it's natural to be guarded, protected, and anxious in social situations. If you weren't there to witness it, honestly from the beginning of her career, then you have no idea what her career has been. As an OG fan since her very first record, this whole "expose" on her well being makes me sick. If Britney wanted to be freed from her conservatorship all she would need to do is contact the courts and have a hearing to determine she is well enough. It's not that hard. She hasn't stayed in it for years for no reason and if she truly wanted help there wouldn't be any stopping it - she has access to people beyond just her family and her team whom she could easily slip a note or ask for help from. This is where I separate myself from the Britney Army because jumping to conclusions and assuming things is ridiculous. Let's all be realists and until we hear from her, from her family, from her team, or anyone who can speak on her behalf as a reputable source, this "story" needs to disappear cause it's a non-mthfkin-factor. PERIOD.
  4. Glamleska

    The fake demos thread

    I REFUSE TO LET MY MIND BE AWARE THAT THIS IS NOT HER BECAUSE I NEED HER TO RECORD THIS ASAP. The video for this (if her team wasn't trash) would be so conceptual and provocative. UGH. I need to be her A&R immediately cause this should have been a SERVE.
  5. Glamleska

    Femme Fatale appreciation thread

    EDIT: I'mma give my quick review of the tracks of this album cause I lived for this era even if it was sloppy and sis was dead behind the eyes. I remember the day this leaked and leaving a theater rehearsal that I was co-directing mid-way because this took precedence over anything else in my life. Haha! Femme Fatale Tour was also the first Britney concert I ever went to, was the first time I was over 18 and able to go to a concert on my own since I had to travel a few hours to see her in D.C.! So without further ado... (remember these are just my personal opinions/experiences with these songs so don't fight me lmao)... 1. Till The World Ends: A great radio bop, the GP loved it. I wore it out however I tend to skip it now in later years because sis has used it as her tour closer for the past 8 years and I'm over it. 8/10 2. Hold It Against Me: OKAY SO... the hype for this song with all the video teasers was INSANE. It was one of her best promo moves she's had in her entire career. Normally I would hate an artists who teases something for practically a month, however the teasers were so well shot and didn't reveal too much of the actual music video. I remember watching them over and over trying to spot things, Exhale was LIT during this time. Amazing song, amazing first single... 10/10 3. Inside Out: THIS SONG WAS SLEPT ON AND IM MAD ABOUT IT. 11/10 4. I Wanna Go: I know people love this song, but it's the skip of the album for me. I think the way she's performed this during FFT and years after has always been disappointing. Loved the video but overall her performances of this song have made me really despise it. The straight white girls of the world LIVE for this song, so that also takes some points off of it for me cause it's automatically deemed basic, even though when it came out I did consider it a bop. 7/10 5. How I Roll: Before there was PC music, there was How I Roll. In my opinion, Britney is always at her prime when she's doing something experimental or outside of the box. This song is the epitome of Experimentalney, I stan the bubblegum pop princess returning to her roots. 9/10 6. (Drop Dead) Beautiful (feat. Sabi): Ester Dean writes hits and this was a hit. It's catchy as f*ck and an overall bop. My only issue with this track is Sabi's HORRIBLE verse which has now become a Britney stan meme [insert "steamy like a pot full of vegetables" meme here]. Without Sabi's verse it would be a 10/10 for me, but because of that hot mess... 9/10 7. Seal It With A Kiss: I think this is one of the songs I played out the most when the album first came out, it's flirty and a little bit scandalous - the entire summary of what Britney's musical legacy is. The breathy "uhhh-huuuhh" during the chorus is a standout part for me. 9/10 8. Big Fat Bass (feat. will.he.not): If I look at this song objectively from a standpoint of not knowing the sh*t storm that we call Britney Jean was going to be, this song wasn't all that bad. A lot of stans hated this song but I didn't mind it. However, it was a horrible performance promo choice to loop in with the iconic bops HIAM & TTWE. I can only assume it was used as promo so much due to some sort of contract of release with will.i.am's team. 7/10 9. Trouble For Me: Love this song, definitely plays into Britney's love of bad boys. It felt really appropriate for the time, especially with Criminal being on the track. I think this song was a great addition to the theme of being a femme fatale, smart track choice. A standout part of this song, for me, are her ad-libs during the verses. I STAN. 8/10 10. Trip To Your Heart: This song was classic Britney, it reminded me a lot of a Blackout era production. Definitely a stand out track on this album for me. 9/10 11. Gasoline: There's nothing wrong with this song at all, it's perfect. It was a great promo song for one of her perfume ads, they definitely utilized this well. It's catchy, great lyrics, and the intro immediately catches your attention. 9/10 12. Criminal: My initial first listen of this track was... wtf is this? That flute threw me off SO HARD. I hated this track until it became the 3rd single and had a video produced. The video gave me a new appreciation for the track and made me hate it a little less. I don't know if I would have chosen it as a 3rd single, but regardless I still enjoy this song. 7/10 13. Up N Down: UP N DOWN WILL ALWAYS REMAIN THE SUPREME OF THIS ALBUM. IDC WHAT ANYONE HAS TO SAY. A 20 OUT OF 10. 14. He About To Lose Me: One of Britney's more haunting tracks in her catalog. I was pissed when it was axed from FFT, it had such a beautiful staging and I loved her writhing all over the gold chaise lounger. Easily another favorite from this album (clearly I have a lot of favorites from this album). 9/10 15. Selfish: This track is one of a more unexpected tracks for me from this album, I still can't pinpoint why I find this song so different from the rest of the album... if anyone can figure that out let me know. I love the hook on this though - "boom boom, baby pick me up in your Mercedes" - is a moment that I stan. 8/10 16. Don't Keep Me Waiting: It's not a Britney album unless she has her rock 'n' roll moment. (Still waiting on a pop-rock Britney album tbh.) She loves a good rock song that she can flip her hair to. It's another standout track for me cause she's throwing her entire soul into singing this. You can always tell the tracks that she f*cks with the hardest - this definitely is on that list. My only complaint is the chorus has always felt a little muddy to me, like her vocals got lost in the production of the electric guitar. Besides that, a bop. 8/10 17. Scary: THE HALLOWEEN ANTHEM WE NEVER ASKED FOR. I remember having "worn out" the entire album before we heard this track because it didn't leak with the deluxe edition of the album. I'm pretty sure no one leaked the track for a few days after it's release either, so there was a lot of hype around "WE HAVE ONE MORE SONG!!! SOMEONE LEAK SCARY!!!" when the Japanese edition finally came out. Again, like most Britney classics, she puts some of her best work as Japanese bonus tracks. A great track that could have been left in the vault but the Godney Gods looked down upon us and blessed us with a great album ender! 10/10 Overall album review: This was a great follow up to Circus. It was experimental, it was fresh. Not only did Britney introduce electropop music to the world with Blackout, but this album was another catalyst in the dubstep/EDM trend in pop music that lasted for YEARS. My fave is a trendsetter and people don't give her the credit she deserves. I don't think I have any immediate skips on this album, maybe some skips depending on the mood I'm in, but overall it's such solid work. Compared to the trash we get 2 years later, this album is a masterpiece. Not my top 3 favorite Britney albums, but definitely falls in the top 5. AMEN. 9/10 OVERALL. ALRIGHT I'LL SHUT UP NOW. See you sooon.... lmao
  6. NEW SOLANGE ALBUM OUT AT MIDNIGHT AND I'M LIT. I'll update this with an album link once it's out!
  7. Glamleska

    Rating Game

    Literally had to relisten to the entire album to do this one cause I'm not a fan by any means... lmao. Rated from the first release, deluxe edition. Best song: New Rules (idc, I'm basic and not a stan) Worst song: Homesick (idgaf about ballads, I was bored) Overall: 7/10 Next album: Vanessa Hudgens - V
  8. Glamleska

    Rating Game

    Best Song: Promises (this was a tough choice tbh) Worst Song: The live recordings. Wish we would have had another song or two. Overall: 9/10 (would be 10/10 without the live recordings) Next Album: Fergie - The Dutchess
  9. Glamleska

    Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

  10. Glamleska

    Rating Game

    Best Song: Everything’s Just Wonderful Worst Song: Alfie Overall: 7/10 (fairly decent debut, it had bops - 2nd album was better imo) Next Album: Heidi Montag - Superficial
  11. Glamleska

    New here:)

    So this welcome parade float went down in flames... 😂
  12. Glamleska

    New here:)

  13. Glamleska

    Best leaked songs of 2018?

    Charli, Tinashe, and Kim’s leaks MADE. MY. YEAR. So many bops that deserved to be heard!
  14. Glamleska

    The 18 Best Songs of 2018

    I agree with all of these tbh. Not a single song that doesn’t deserve to be on this list!! (Also that Rina track came as a pleasant surprise, glad she’s getting paid some due for her amazing 80’s-tinged bops!)
  15. Glamleska

    The Most Surprising & Disappointing in 2018


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