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  1. Glamleska

    Newbie Here! hello

    Hiii! Welcome - always great to see new faces around here! It can be a mess here sometime but that's part of the fun of it I guess! There's lots of great masterposts with artists released/unreleased discographies, that's my personal favorite part... I'm always finding something new! Hope you're enjoying the discord server - it gets rowdy in there too but we have a good time. Make sure you check out the megarates section, I believe there's one happening soon. We just did Meghan Trainor's 'Treat Myself' album! Again, welcome to the madness!
  2. I need to upload mine, it's all sitting on a MEGA server. I'll get that done today or tomorrow! EDIT: Added it!
  3. Glamleska

    Normani - "Motivation" | Live @ VMAs 2019

    As someone who stans the queen of lipsyncing, it doesn't bother me. At all. LMAO I'd actually prefer most of these hoes lipsync and give me a performance than stand still on stage and still sound out of breath. LMAOOOOOO
  4. Glamleska

    Normani - "Motivation" | Live @ VMAs 2019

    It was great too! It's just a different type of performance imo. Lizzo is gonna give you some TAKE ME TO CHURCHHHHH vibes with some humor/quirky shit... Normani is gonna give me choreo and physical performance! However both of them and Missy were the only 3 worth tuning in for the whole night for me!!!
  5. Glamleska

    Normani - "Motivation" | Live @ VMAs 2019

    This is blasphemy. *calls the police* I do agree the song is boring but she's giving more than any other bitch is right now so I'll take what I can get!
  6. *gets my Missy Elliott masterpost ready for anyone who doesn't know/respect/understand the legacy of Missy Elliott* SHE GOT THIS AWARD FOR A F*CKING REASON. PHEW.
  7. ANDDDD.... she did that. We are witnessing the birth of a pop/r&b legend. PERIOD.
  8. Glamleska

    Should Tweener Be Banned From PHF?

  9. Glamleska

    Should Tweener Be Banned From PHF?

    ............... but this is none of my business. LMAO
  10. Glamleska

    Create A Greatest Hits Album For Your Fave

    Ugh. That bitch is cancelled the minute she releases a single Christian song. If I wanted Christian pop I would go listen to the 3 bonus tracks on Britney Jean (aka the only 3 songs Britney actually sang lmao) and call it a day. UGHHH.
  11. Glamleska

    Create A Greatest Hits Album For Your Fave

    I was going to make a Heidi Montag greatest hits but I realized it's just the entire Superficial album with Body Language and Trash Me as added bonus tracks. 🤷‍♂️ 🤣
  12. Glamleska

    Create A Greatest Hits Album For Your Fave

    GOOOO!!! She's such a great live performer! I highly recommend you go and have your wig slayed... tysm. LMAO SEND ME PHOTOS.
  13. Glamleska

    Create A Greatest Hits Album For Your Fave

    Overdose almost made it but I’m still mad that she let that single disappear before it even began by getting pregnant. 😂
  14. Glamleska

    Create A Greatest Hits Album For Your Fave

    So I decided to go with one of my faves who I feel is incredibly slept on as an artist. I also wanted to choose someone that people might not recognize more than her few #1’s and feel like they got the entire range of who she is as an artist when they listen to the album! I chose to do CIIIIAARAAAAA (this beat is...)! <--- hopefully some of ya'll caught that reference. I made a cover for it and turned it into an actual album which I uploaded to MEGA incase anyone wants to ease in to her bops! Had a hard time deciding if I should have put And I or Sorry as the closing track but I think And I chatted higher so I went with that one. Tracklist: 1. 1,2 Step (feat. Missy Elliott) 2. Get Up (feat. Chamillionaire) 3. Level Up 4. Work (feat. Missy Elliott) 5. Gimme Dat 6. Goodies (feat. Petey Pablo) 7. I'm Out (feat. Nicki Minaj) 8. Like A Boy 9. I Bet 10. Love Sex Magic (feat. Justin Timberlake) 11. Ride (feat. Ludacris) 12. Dance Like We're Making Love 13. Body Party 14. Promise 15. And I DOWNLOAD CIARA GREATEST HITS HERE!

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