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  1. Beygency? I thought her fans were called the Beyhive and that they were closer to extinction than the actual bee.
  2. Well it was a writing camp organized by Max Martin that a lot of his MxM people and Luke's Rx signees + a bunch of regular collaborators would've attended. I can't really find the specifics about it anymore (not that much was said about it), but I think it was held in LA at the very same time that another big writing camp for Rihanna was held in LA (most likely a 'StarGate-based' one around Grammy week). So they would've had like a big studio complex for a week or a few days or so, with writers/producers going in and out of different rooms. I think Bonnie's probably a fast writer, so she probably wrote plenty of songs during that time. And if they had session singers that sounded like Rihanna, they might as well use them. Judging by the sound of the song I'd say she probably wrote the majority of it too, but it's not like I have any idea what Jakke Erixson's sound is and Savan Kotecha is kind of generic, not instantly recognizable, at least to me. So it's not like she would just write a few lines and then go home, it's just that they'd have the luxury of session singers. So especially with a big writing camp, it could've gone either way - Bonnie doing a quick rough cut as a reference for the session singers, but she could've just sang the song for the singers and added BG vocals as an extra layer. Sometimes it makes sense for a writer that's perfectly capable of laying down vocals themselves to use a session singer anyway - if it's written for a different gender or it's for a big artist with a very recognizable sound, Back in the day writers would often mention how especially Britney's people could never hear her doing a submitted song unless the demo vocalist sounded 'exactly' like Britney. That must've changed over time, but some A&R's might still lack imagination.
  3. Eat shit 🖕 🖕
  4. I guess it must've been a very early incarnation of the album, basically like a completely different project than what we actually got. Assuming it was done at that Rihanna writing camp, it's possible they just used the session singers available since they sound much more like her. But I would think at least a Bonnie demo for Christina's version exists?
  5. Not that I can discern really. Sounds to me like it's all Christina and there's nobody credited on background vocals. Not sure who the main vocalist on Let There Be Love is, but the pre-chorus or whatever (I'm through with that, I can't fall too far cause it hurts so bad etc) is Priscilla Renea. Seems like the part Priscilla sings was re-written by Bonnie in Christina's version. I remember reading somewhere that Bonnie said Let There Be Love was Miley Cyrus's track 'first', but she wanted to change too much about the track so they just sort of...took it back. Seems pretty obviously to me that it's one of the tracks from the Max Martin/Rx writing camp for Rihanna's LOUD though.
  6. Otaku

    bye bye

    Been meaning to upload these, kept forgetting. Kind of a tease perhaps, but it's all I've got. 30 seconds clips of random Kara demos from the 00s: Kara DioGuardi - Always Believe [Clip] [Kara DioGuardi, BAG & Arnthor] https://wi.to/bf7c11168f9504c5 Kara DioGuardi - Bring It All Back [Clip] [Kara DioGuardi, Amy Bell, Greg Wells] https://wi.to/b98d387c65a7f315 Kara DioGuardi - Girlfriend [Clip] [Kara DioGuardi, Greg Wells] https://wi.to/1dbb7a3d3ddcefd6 Kara DioGuardi - Good Like That [Clip] [Kara DioGuardi, Cutfather & Joe] Released as a b-side/bonus track by Kylie Minogue (Fever era). https://wi.to/7aff523664d4ce41 Kara DioGuardi - I Never Said [Clip] [Kara DioGuardi, James Poyser] https://wi.to/7459419158826527 Kara DioGuardi - Mouth [Clip] [Kara DioGuardi, Michelle Lewis, Dr Luke] https://wi.to/fcbc99c50053a4e6 Kara DioGuardi - No One Else [Clip] [Kara DioGuardi, P!nk, Greg Wells] Written for P!nk's 2006 album I'm Not Dead, recorded/released by Allison Iraheta in 2009. https://wi.to/a5c93317449ec7e3 Kara DioGuardi - Say It To Me [Clip] [Kara DioGuardi, Michelle Lewis, Angela Lauer, Dan Petty, Dr Luke] Recorded/released by Nikki Clan as Dimelo A Mi. https://wi.to/0e2c6bc131bc39d3 Kara DioGuardi & Danny Gokey - I Still Believe [Walk On Water] [Clip] [Kara DioGuardi, Barry Dean, busbee] Released in 2010 by Danny Gokey. https://wi.to/6358b3f00c91c436 Kara DioGuardi & Michelle Bell - Always Gonna Be About Me [Clip] [Kara DioGuardi, Michelle Bell, Scott Storch] https://wi.to/cd32820ecfee38cd Kara DioGuardi & Michelle Bell - Doing It [Clip] [Kara DioGuardi, Michelle Bell, Scott Storch] https://wi.to/634007a8a169f202 Kara DioGuardi & Michelle Bell - Rush Me [Clip] [Kara DioGuardi, Michelle Bell, Scott Storch] https://wi.to/1cdd95582f577d54 There's also this, one of the tracks she did with James Fauntleroy with her vocals on the chorus (full track): James Fauntleroy - Idiot F/ Kara DioGuardi [Rob Knox & Harvey Mason Jr] https://wi.to/d53f4a9e51d44830
  7. Haha well a lot of people just post random requests in here...
  8. It never leaked, at least not to the general public.
  9. Probably insufficient social credit points. Remember to visit your grandparents, abide by traffic rules when driving your moped to the blood bank to donate and always properly separate and dispose of your waste,
  10. Obviously these aren't the full credits but these are the writing credits for that album. I'm guessing John Shanks may have produced the whole album with Dave Stewart though (since he produced Celine Dion's version of Taking Chances)? 01 Happiness [Kara DioGuardi, Dave Stewart] 02 Taking Chances [Kara DioGuardi, Dave Stewart] 03 Will You Be Around [Kara DioGuardi, Dave Stewart] 04 Nobody Sees [Kara DioGuardi, Dave Stewart] 05 Crying At The Disco [Kara DioGuardi, Dave Stewart & John Shanks] 06 Avalanche [Kara DioGuardi, Dave Stewart & John Shanks] 07 Somebody To Love [Kara DioGuardi, Dave Stewart & John Shanks] 08 All My Sorrow [Kara DioGuardi, Dave Stewart & John Shanks] 09 Love Can Kill The Blues [Kara DioGuardi, Dave Stewart] 10 Mississippi Valentine [Kara DioGuardi, Dave Stewart] 11 I Pray [Kara DioGuardi, Dave Stewart] 12 When We Met [Kara DioGuardi, Dave Stewart]
  11. It's always hard for me to pick favorites...I think for me Daybreak/Feel/Machine, Know You By Heart/Come To Life/Avalanche & Shoulda Been Simple stood out the most. A lot of the other ones are just sort of there, to be honest. I wouldn't play most of the rest on their own but I can easily listen to the album as a whole. Even though there are some random different styles on the album it still flows together really well cause of how she worked with different but a limited bunch of writers and producers and . I really didn't know that about the 'documentary'. I don't even see a mention on it on wiki now...but looking at IMDB that sounds about right. Random actors, none of the people that worked on the album are in it etc. Looks more like a film, and it kinda seems like it may involve situations connected to the songs of the album, not even so much the process of recording it... Less interested now but I'd still like to see it. Yeah exactly. That happens all the time but usually the original producer still gets credited. I never would've thought of her recording Dancing With A Stranger...could be very interesting though. I loved that Marié album and I'm probably about the biggest StarGate fan around but I've honestly never thought of her working with them (they'd probably be too expensive even back then anyway tbh). There are some StarGate tracks from (roughly) around that time that actually would've suited that album fine though, like some of the stuff they did with Frankie Storm & Amanda Ghost. LMAO at how this topic has been hijacked and completely converted into a Marié topic...
  12. Oh yeah I didn't care much about her first album either. Think it had some tracks that I sorta liked but nothing special to my taste. That second album is it's own thing entirely though...it couldn't have been recorded at another time than the late 00s and there's nothing quite like it. The odd little touches of country and singer-songwriterness were still there, but the overall MASSIVE transition into a pretty dark electronic Pop/R&B sound was ridiculous but somehow it worked amazingly. Overboard wasn't one of my least favorite tracks though to be honest, kinda in the middle I guess. I found out later there was this whole document series about her recording that album, I really wanna see that shit... Kinda forgot just now, but Jordin's Turn This Car Around was also written for Marié. Random how artists record each other's rejects sometimes... No, I mean...Marié's version was registered and it only credits Frankie, Marié, Hillary, Troy Verges & Brian Kennedy, not StarGate. I'm gonna assume Brian Kennedy's version sounds drastically different, but StarGate should still get a writing credit unless they choose to waive that right. Y'know - usually in Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop the producer is the one that makes the instrumental, and a songwriter (or several) does the topline (lyrics) to that already existing track. Of course that's not always the case, but in those genres, they're more or less exceptions. So since usually the song wouldn't have existed without the instrumental, the producer(s) pretty much always get(s) 50% of the splits. Even if 1 person produced it and 18 writers did the lyrics, the producer still get half of the royalties, because he's the one that came up with the whole concept. If a writer then re-works the song completely with another producer that really changes the chords and sound etc, the new producer is also getting writing credit plus full production credit. If they just change some stuff or re-work the instrumental, they're more likely to be credited as producer alongside the original producer, or get a co- or additional production credit. But either way, the original producer is still entitled to a writing credit and 25% splits (since the new producer also gets 25% if he really made a completely new track for it). With most of the songs she's done this with it seems to be producers she worked with regularly, so it would be easy for her to just ask "oh hey, are you doing anything with that song, cause I wanna use it for someone with a different producer". So they probably just don't really care about a 25% split that they have to split between the 2 of them on a track that's probably just going to be an album track, if it gets released at all. This is also partly why songwriting often just isn't nearly as lucrative as being a producer. Aside from the fact that some producer get massive deals, a basic salary, a fee per track and get paid for studio time, they also get half of the royalties, plus random perks and often don't have to split between too many people (if the beat's not sample-based). Songwriters usually don't get much if any of that, sometimes have to split between tons of people and unless they're writing massive worldwide hits, royalties don't make them that much money either.
  13. Oh yeah that album was EPIC, shame it didn't fare better... There's a bunch of other tracks Hillary co-wrote for that album that weren't released or leaked in any way but Marié re-worked this with Hillary & Troy Verges, produced by Brian Kennedy for the album as well: https://wi.to/561da6f4e3624523 Pretty sure it was written for PCD or Nicole, but Jordin Sparks picked it up: https://wi.to/9817b43258d86a22 Just...FYI - Frankie Storm used to take her songs to other producers a lot back then. Since Jordin obviously didn't release it and the instrumental was likely on hold for another artist (probably Ne-Yo's Better Today) she was free to use it. Strictly speaking StarGate should still get credits & cuts but they probably could care less. This happens from time to time, funny enough the same thing happened with at least one other Ne-Yo track: NKOTB's Twisted was written to the same beat as Ciara's Don't Remember.
  14. I think she actually wrote a ton of songs for Carrie Underwood... She did a bunch of tracks for Gaga's Joanne album and the A Star Is Born soundtrack so that catapulted her status a bit more. But she's been a massive Country songwriter for years that has done Pop from time to time ever since the Nashville/LA crossover thing started happening. These tracks were done at the very beginning of that: Breathing Underwater https://wi.to/0a65f88ae867dd92 Obsessed https://wi.to/422d1179dbba2ea1 Wrong To Get Right https://wi.to/d7413df160f31823

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