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  1. Alice is the best track off the album, it's my favorite and it deserves to be a single!
  2. My 'Alice' remix has 25k views and '911' has 13k and that's why i decided to work on more song but I don't know where to post them so people can hear the rest of them. My favorite one is 'Sine', I love the extended outro and Chromatica III inside the mix but it's stuck. And yeah, I see what you mean. I like remixes but not ALL the song needs to be reworked into something different. That's why I often like to keep the original vibe of the song, just a little bit upgraded. Thanks for your comment ?
  3. I'm curious if any of you guys have heard any good unofficial remixes off this album because I might want to remix the whole thing and I need to hear the competition lol
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