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  1. Jessie Malakouti / Jessie and the Toy Boys / Eden xo

    This is amazing, thank you! We need Long Way From Home in our lives </3
  2. Made Up Album Thread

    "EDEN XO" (August 25th 2017) Tracklist 1. Drips Gold (feat. Raja Kumari) 2. El Barrio 3. The Weekend 4. Hold Me Now 5. Finger 6. Side Fx 7. Saving Up My Love 8. Too Cool To Dance 9. Torn (Don't Stop Believing)
  3. Made Up Album Thread

    Annie - Melodies (March 2018) Dreampop - Island Records 1. Melodies - intro 2. Only You 3. Upside Down 4. Casanova (We're Over) 5. Dreaming of You 6. Paradise 7. Breathe Bel Air 8. Addicted 9. Magnetic 10. Wild Ones 11. Hero 12. Home Singles 1. Magnetic 2. Only You 3. Casanova (We're Over)
  4. Jessie Malakouti / Jessie and the Toy Boys / Eden xo

    My ranking of her releases: 1. El Barrio - seriously amazing... like fuck!!! I love this. 2. Drips Gold - sassy & iconic 3. Too Cool To Dance - shoulda been her break through hit 4. Hold Me Now - camp heaven 5. Finger - very different to her usual sound. I like it. 6. Torn (Don't Stop Believing) - gorgeous 7. The Weekend - bad choice for her second Virgin single imo, I don't dislike it tho Eden is so sweet & she's one of the very few artists who are making genuine pop music atm. None of that 'tropical' bs. She deserves another launch with a label.
  5. Ed Sheeran Quits Twitter Over Lady Gaga Stans

    Wth even happened with Gaga's fans?
  6. Iggy Azalea's Album Is Still Happening

    Poor Iggy. Switch was done so wrong.
  7. Natalia Kills - Trouble (Demos) MASTERPOST

    Yeah she's Teddy Sinclair now, performing with the 'band' Cruel Youth.
  8. Natalia Kills - Trouble (Demos) MASTERPOST

    Has Runnin' leaked without the pitching?
  9. Tomb Raider Appreciation

    I loveeee Tomb Raider on the PS3. Lara slays my life tbh
  10. TV Series Recommendations

    My faves: Wentworth The 100 Pretty Little Liars Fear The Walking Dead Younger (staring queen Hilary Duff )
  11. The begging thread (please leak....)

    Lucy Hale - Swoon please!!!
  12. The Battle of Ex-acts

    Anyone who doesn't vote Hilary has made..... a choice.
  13. South Korea Military Performs Gay Witch Hunt

    Taiwan is the only major champion of LGBT in East Asia tbh. South Korea is still very homophobic
  14. Where is NC-17???

    You just know she's gonna be 18 when that album comes out.
  15. What Scrapped track Are You Still Dying To Hear?

    Lucy Hale - Swoon. Someone needs to leak that shit, along with Necessary Weather. Natalia Kills - Open Heart Surgery would be nice, if that song even exists. Anything Annie. Everything Eden xo.

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