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  1. https://wi.to/638601a62f01b32f and other songs leaked and have been added to my masterpost Kelsea Ballerini - Ain't Your Girl No More (2013) Kelsea Ballerini - Get Back Up (The First Time outtake) (Studio) Kelsea Ballerini - Goody Two Shoes (The First Time outtake) (Studio) Kelsea Ballerini - Like You Never Left (2013) Kelsea Ballerini - Secret (The First Time outtake) Kelsea Ballerini - What Do I Have (The First Time outtake) (Studio)
  2. A Boy And A Man (Demo) A Boy And A Man (Final) A New Disguise Asking For A Friend Bare It All Before You Go Break Up Song California Dreamin' Cant Hold Her Back Celebrate Cinematic (Demo) Convenient Daybreak Sunset Midnight Doing Time Flipping the Coin Fool Yourself Fresh Coat Of Paint How Does The Radio Know How I Feel Right Now (Demo) Huff And Puff If I Had Your Heart Let Me Go Looking for my keys Me Myself and Wine My Best Friend Hates You Off The Wagon Over Whiskey Paper Plane Respectfully Right Back Home Secrets Think About You Think Too Much Time Zones Torn Trainwreck Turn the Clock Unravel Used To Worth The Lonely If a link is dead, send me a message.
  3. I Don't Wanna Love You https://wi.to/caa094682a9d8cf7 Must Be What They Mean https://wi.to/6f5920d1e0b7aecc My Own Road https://wi.to/8d48888b90ddb538 Don't Be That Guy (snippet) https://wi.to/98895a37aa8430dd
  4. https://dbree.org/v/4d1148

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