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  1. AdamLLohanA7X

    Epic Concert coming 5/15/16

    Im going to SPF festival here in my hometown Las Vegas. I cant wait for these epic acts I bought my tickets when they went on sale. Imma take alot of pics for you fellow queens to look. Lineup : Iggy Azalea Fifth Harmony Mike Posner Kygo Lukas Graham Alessia Cara
  2. AdamLLohanA7X

    Official Mike Posner Thread

    Talk about this talented hottie here.
  3. AdamLLohanA7X

    Official Evanescence Thread

  4. AdamLLohanA7X


  5. AdamLLohanA7X

    Official Evanescence Thread

    Their Self Titled album hit #1 on the Hot 200.Theyre gonna come back and SLAY!!! Amy Lee released a EP with cover songs titled Recover Still relevant girlsgirls!
  6. AdamLLohanA7X

    Official Evanescence Thread

    Talk all about the legendary band Evanescence here.
  7. AdamLLohanA7X

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

  8. AdamLLohanA7X


    Thanks everyone. Azealia stans. They exist?? Lol
  9. AdamLLohanA7X

    PHF Employment Centre [OPEN]

    I can be a event manager tho. Im good with that.
  10. AdamLLohanA7X

    PHF Employment Centre [OPEN]

    I can be a modetator. Im fair and stuff like that. And goo I thought you were? >.<
  11. AdamLLohanA7X

    Dreams Thread

    I wish to have a husband and kids. And the legends Evanescence sing "Good Enough" At my wedding. Omg.
  12. AdamLLohanA7X

    The Get To Know Each Other Game

    Whats your fav Lindsay Lohan song?
  13. AdamLLohanA7X

    Official Lindsay Lohan Thread

    Me too. Songs off Spirit in the Dark like "Walka Not A Talka" Could've slayed!!
  14. AdamLLohanA7X

    Official Lindsay Lohan Thread

    This is the official Lindsay Lohan thread here.
  15. AdamLLohanA7X

    PHF Employment Centre [OPEN]

    I can be a modetator. Im fair and stuff like that. And good communication skills.

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