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Rita Ora Threatening to Sue over a tweet


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I was looking through TikTok today and found a video from this guy named Aaron Chan. Essentially it started when he tweeted this:


And his Twitter got blocked by her then suspended☠️. He posted more follow up messages that are supposedly from her lawyers. I wonder if there's a chance he is doing a really devoted fake, but I wouldn't put it past her to do this.



I don't know how to embed video content into this site, but I will link his TikTok account for details because it is so funny to me https://www.tiktok.com/@baeronchan?lang=en 

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10 hours ago, MeantToBeIconic said:

Man every time Rita Ora starts bringing me back over to her side she does something stupid or acts a fool and then sends me right back out ??


This one's funny though lol she's so touchy

I lovedd her song Only Want You, and even bought Phoenix to see if I would stan. She seems a mess and I never really got into her ?

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14 hours ago, MeantToBeIconic said:

Y'all AGAIN?? 


I feel like I should send Rita some money or something every month for the hilarious headlines she gives us God damn




Omfg! :cackle:

The weird thing is her career seems to be doing just as fine as it always was. Rita remains uncancellable and we love to see it! :hail: 

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