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  1. They posted their discord to their IG so looks like that's where they'll keep it going
  2. I mean I’ll survive if it’s gone. I don’t really remember the cloud flare mess being days long tbh, I just remember it being slow. Worked fine for me the entire time but I use a VPN so maybe that’s why? Idk. This is the first big hiatus besides maybe a day offline before that I’ve experienced. IMO the site was fine and so were the admins. The kids were the brats that begged for shit nonstop. They just didn’t care to moderate people acting stupid which is fair cause most people on there nowadays were 12. They obviously have some kind of underground for themselves, they’re not just going to
  3. Really? Since I’d joined in 2019 I never experienced them being down like this. They say on the discord that it’s not coming back but on ig stories they’ve said they’re working on it. I wish we didn’t get the Chromatica wave, leakthis was simpler before then lol. Low key I feel like something happened, they lost everything and can’t bring it back. If I were someone who paid $500 for a role I’d be livid.
  4. Redacted post
  5. Ah thank you! It’s been improved since leakthis went down, I was going to share it but now we got the real one which is dope af but damn lol
  6. Hear that PHF??? 2 hoes ready to hoe together for this 3 minute track hit us up
  7. Me too. I spent hours over a few weeks making a 3435 ft doja cat edit with the clips we have but ok Ariana let’s drop the song after all my blood sweat and tears
  8. Someone hit us with an early drop of that 3435 doja + Megan remix coming tonight
  9. Omg true tho. so sad. I haven’t cared for much of anything since femme fatale and prior. Our poor Britty has seem better days. Hopefully she gets Jamie tf outta there
  10. Hahah oh okay. Maybe I could’ve just listened to the actual song before I asked 🙊
  11. I agree I’d be so down for their collab but it’d be sweet on a new track!! I have been so outta the loop I wonder how they’re reissuing glory aside from the bonus track, remixes and cover. Is that snip actually from Mood Ring?
  12. Here’s the apparent snip but I honestly haven’t heard the song and couldnt even tell you if it’s legit or not lmao. Doesn’t sound like Selena to me but I am baked af
  13. Looking forward to hearing anything you’re willing to share!
  14. Thanks again for sharing 🖤 I very much enjoyed these
  15. I have The Other Bitch edit. It’s not in my iCloud Drive so I have to wait till Im home and can download it from my iTunes library. To clarify, each bridge/chorus says “Thought that hoe was a joke” and “The Other Bitch” which is just cut from the snippets, and then the ending says The Other Chick throughout because of the extra vocals, and you can hear most of the splices. Update here it is
  16. Thanks for sharing. Taking the info with a grain like you suggested but it sounds logical enough and what you could assume when seeing the tracks. Hopefully we can get the rest soon, I’d love to hear it. For what it’s worth, it was nice seeing her come back for a sec. got me replaying some Sparks Fly icons
  17. The name of this thread made me listen to endgame 3x
  18. I honest to god can’t believe the one time I choose not to go immediately rip something that it becomes a gem. Like wtf
  19. The songs are in the latest leaks topic, except apparently there’s a new version of Miranda Cosgrove is Flawless, that nobody has shared. Unless what was on the album is the same voicenote from Jeanettes SoundCloud
  20. Did anyone get a screenshot of the album? There's barely any history of this happening online, I can't find any info but I want to organize the songs the right way. I also feel like there was a more tragic (loved it) album cover than the one google has
  21. Good call!! Just went to look and you’re right. I noticed during the performance she kept doing this thing with her tongue over her teeth, and the band members have a face mask with that same tongue over lip thing. I wonder if that’ll be a symbol for the album or if I’m just overthinking it lol Either way I’m looking forward to it! I hope they sound more disco-y. As much as I enjoyed a few of those leaks I think Midnight Sky is a good restarting point.
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