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Pop Predictions (12/2020-12/2021)

britney thpearth

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Hi there! I am practicing clairvoyance (runs in my family) and i thought this would be a fun way to test it out. Ill be updating these until December is over, so feel free to suggest anything I should make predictions about. I'll also update it if they come true.

if i fail miserably, yall aint see nothing.


  • Miley Cyrus will experience a disaster.
  • Selena Gomez will get pregnant.
  • Kesha will make major headlines.
  • Donald Trump will lose everything over past crimes.
  • Nickelodeon will face a major scandal.
  • A very famous singer, with a red Ferrari, will get into an alcohol related accident.
  • Lady Gaga will make headlines for losing her temper.
  • Ariana Grande will speak out about a traumatic experience. (not manchester)
  • Someone who faked their death will make a huge comeback.
  • Dua Lipa will break major records.
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One thing I was thinking about was, so many artists ended up releasing albums this year (probably to help record labels from hemorrhaging money). What's going to happen next year? Are these artists and singer/songwriters going to come back with a quick follow-up and do a double feature tour?

On top of this, if any of the albums that came out this year were rush albums, I wonder how many artists are almost done with their contracts. Thinking in line with Kesha's situation. I think she only has one more album that she needs to release under RCA/Kemosabe before she can finally be free.

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What an iconic thread! :hail: I remember we used to do this a few years ago but I don't think we've done it for a while now.

My predictions are:

  • Ariana Grande will take a year off from recording and touring and will work on a film/TV series/documentary project
  • Lana Del Rey will release an album and make another, even more controversial statement on Instagram which will lose her fans
  • Selena Gomez will have more issues
  • Miley Cyrus will get in another high profile relationship and have another image change
  • Gaga will be quiet while she works on film projects. Chromatica won't get a tour
  • Kesha will release an album but it won't do too well on charts
  • Katy will release some stand-alone singles and collabs but no album
  • Rihanna still won't release an album
  • Britney will make a return to music, but not in the way we expect
  • Nicki Minaj will release several singles, but none will find success
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21 hours ago, bebereal said:

can you do predictions for members ? i could be interested to know more about my future.

That's an awesome idea! I volunteer for a tarot reading too! :wink: 

9 hours ago, 365MM said:

Ooo! What does 2021 have in store for Stevie Wonder? ?

Omfg, this made me laugh way more than it should have. :cackle::cackle::cackle:

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