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Blind Celeb Tarot Reading (December)

Will the female Sagittarius defeat her impulses?  

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  1. 1. Will the female Sagittarius defeat her impulses?

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  2. 2. Do you think the female Cancer will lose her legal battle?

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Reading One (A Female Sagittarius) 

  • Things have been tough recently for this B-List, Ex Act,  genre-hopping popstress. But after a tough breakup, struggles with substance abuse, she sees herself going no way but up. This is a great time for her to embrace her sobriety.
  • While she's known for switching it up, she wants real change. Love... Career... Self.... everything. If she truly embraces her want to change, she could make amazing transformations.
  • She's played the part of the independent woman, but deep down she's scared of being alone..... and she doesn't know how to handle it. She needs time to herself the most, to collect herself and not get stress. Her stress can push her to make poor decisions. 
  • She has a promising future, one where her desires all cone to life, after years of hard work and lots of learning. As I said before, it's a crucial time for her to embrace her visions of transformation. She may even get an unexpected suprise.
  • The tarot indicates she may be unhappy in a relationship. Either way, she has a difficult decision to make, and she may be avoiding it.
  • She really needs to open her mind to new things. But she needs to be careful about making impulsive decisions.


Reading Two (A Female Cancer)

  •  This A-/B+, Disney alumn, pop singer is confident a bright future is coming her way. She's relying heavily on a man to provide to her, who has been giving her steady support. She's so confident in her way to influence people and events, and she's not wrong. She has a major positive career change in her future.
  • She loves that she has someone she can trust and confide in. Furthermore, she KNOWS him/her wont let her down. She seeks advice from this person, who is older and wiser. This is really all she wants in life right now.
  • She's got some tricky legal/career affairs that she feels strongly about. But she is scared of losing the battle.
  • She is headed for a part of her life that is peaceful and consistant. And she knows no matter what comes her way- she can make it.
  • While things will indeed be ok in the future, things aren't going her way now.. She has lots of important choices to make, and she's having trouble letting go of feelings that she's been holding on to.
  • Her future is dramatic and unpredictable, but she will only make it out stronger. She's suffered in silence for years, and manages to smile to everyone. It's time for her to re evaluate herself, and write a new chapter.
  • She may also deal with a major issue with moving out of her home.

Reading Three (Female Cancer)

  •  This A List, record breaking, Under 30 pop diva who is also an ex actress is not as confident as she seems. She really feels she needs guidance to make it through this stage of her life and career.
  • She wants nothing more then to just be happy. she wants to "start over" but she doesn't really know how.
  • she's also struggling with love, having firey yet conflicted feelings. She's still not ready to get serious yet- she suffered a very painful heartbreak.
  • She fears letting go. However, her difficulty with letting go holds her back.
  • But like our other cancer, her future brings her a man-  a boyfriend, or brother, or father even.
  • Our pop diva always wants to be in the top position. But no matter how hard she tries, things don't go her way.
  • Every time she sets her intentions, unexpected challenges complicate her plans. It's important she uses these losses as growth.
  • Her heart is guiding her- a new love is in her future.

Reading Four (Female Leo)

  • We know this pop queen as a strong activist and body image icon who overcame battle after battle as a fighter each time. She's still struggling, feeling worried about her career, love life, herself.. just everything. It's important that she doesn't worry too much. She's a fighter, with a powerful soul.
  • She's ready to close a chapter- Whatever she's doing right now is over, she's ready to move on to something new.
  • She's very fearful of the future. She has trouble believing in herself. But whatever she wants most will work out in her favor.
  • She has brand new potential and new opportunities coming her way. 
  • She will enjoy success and enjoyment for past efforts, events will pick up a pace and the outcome will be quicker than expected.
  • As stated before, her biggest enemy is herself. Her poor self confidence, anxiety & doubt are the only thing holding her back.
  • If she is finding certain addictions in her life are taking a hold, be it smoking or drinking for example, she can find her true strength in her heart.

Reading Five (Female Aries)

  • This pop legend is a household name. She feels as though she's wrapping up a major phase in her career.
  • As she's gotten older- she's thinking about what it's time to do next. She shares a rewarding future with our Leo- her past efforts will be paying off. This may be a dramatic life change for her
  • She really craves peace and harmony.. She's taken a tough loss, and she's still recovering & living in chaos. She need not worry- peace and harmony are coming her way.
  • Being the "biggest pop star in the world" or one of, is surreal. She feels heavy doubt as she feels whats around her is too good to be true, that her downfall is coming.. But she's about to enter a very pleasurable phase of her life. She just needs to chill.
  • It's time to settle down, she's reaching a place of abundance and joy. This is a good time for her to even start a family, or a new project.
  • She's been battling uncertainty in herself and her spirituality, she really needs to reflect on whats important to her, and what makes her happy.
  • Her future holds major changes- but we know she'll make it through


(unsure when i will reveal identities but leave guesses!!)

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