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  1. Hey everyone! If you like this, check out my blind celebrity tarot reading thread
  2. Reading One (A Female Sagittarius) Things have been tough recently for this B-List, Ex Act, genre-hopping popstress. But after a tough breakup, struggles with substance abuse, she sees herself going no way but up. This is a great time for her to embrace her sobriety. While she's known for switching it up, she wants real change. Love... Career... Self.... everything. If she truly embraces her want to change, she could make amazing transformations. She's played the part of the independent woman, but deep down she's scared of being alone..... and she doesn't know how to handle
  3. Hi there! I am practicing clairvoyance (runs in my family) and i thought this would be a fun way to test it out. Ill be updating these until December is over, so feel free to suggest anything I should make predictions about. I'll also update it if they come true. if i fail miserably, yall aint see nothing. Miley Cyrus will experience a disaster. Selena Gomez will get pregnant. Kesha will make major headlines. Donald Trump will lose everything over past crimes. Nickelodeon will face a major scandal. A very famous singer, with a red Ferrari, will g
  4. Ugh yessss thank you the chat thinks i faked the screenshots 😐
  5. These sounded more like her than the other songs. However a few of these were already on the other version; but these are longer. Shallow is on the internet but like a 30 second clip of it.
  6. Does anyone have these versions? I actually(lmao) subscribed to the email list on ReverbNation and got emails with this & another version both with more songs. Most of them can’t be found
  7. i posted all the ss in the discord group bc i damn near pissed myself when she responded but she basically claimed that she didn’t sound like herself bc of special effects and “friends” or whatever on the backing vocals and that she took it down for “contract reasons”
  8. I also see this was posted like 1 minute ago so here before she takes the songs down
  9. Here because I saw the original post Come THRU iCarly but like 2 of those songs suck
  10. Basically this troll/demon named Roxy came into the chat and made an absolute scene of “herself” apparently she was also a troll named Anonymuse? But in the group a bunch of users claimed weird things started happening when she came into the chat, and shed say she was “visiting” people so.. yeah. I wish i took screenshots-
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