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  1. What??? Blind is my favourite on Animal😭 and i agree, a lot of her unreleased songs are so good. Booty call and butterscotch!😍 Warrior was her rock album so i guess that was a part of it...
  2. Hello guys, i'v been looking almost everywhere (my skills are not that good tho) for Cheryl (Cole)'s album "a million lights" but i can't find it ... Does someone have it?
  3. True ahaha sometimes it just feels like it is a little too much but that's still better than animal, i love this one so much but the tracks are a little too overrated plus she was not free to do what she wanted at all with her first one.
  4. Thanks💜 High Road is clearly one of her best album to date because it is new, fresh, kinky and adorable but i don't know, i still have mixed feelings about it. I love it so much but Rainbow and Warrior will always have a special place in my heart. So i would put her albums/records in that order (even if i love them all): Rainbow or Warrior/High Road/Cannibal/Animal. What about u?💓
  5. there you have all her discography, for pink champagne and voodoo love go in the folder "unreleased"☺️
  6. So if anyone has information about these tracks, don't hesitate: Bella Thorne (Hollywood records album : Break into my heart, Daydream, ...) Bonnie McKee - Modern girl (a HQ snippet from the season final of Insatiable or the full song) kesha - Again (saw this title from a 2016 post but never heard of it) and Child of the moon (Rainbow outtakes) Madison Beer - Blue The collab between Bebe Rexha and Kesha
  7. Hi everyone 😋 I am 18, i am still at school and i study Greek, English and Dutch🔮 sorry if i make mistakes my native language is French In fact i am here for my pop queens & kings(will tell you all of them in another post because there are so many of them) btw i have 2 fan accounts on instagram so feel free to follow : https://www.instagram.com/kesharosestan/ and an account for my favourite show which is Supernatural : https://www.instagram.com/casey_winchester_/
  8. does someone have Wings by Bonnie McKee please?

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