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  1. The snippet is from her film but we're getting the album this summer, y'all just don't want to believe that and it's totally understandable knowing her previous promises
  2. so y'all are on the stage of writing the same shit every week. she's coming this year
  3. i believe the album will be released in a month or two. we need it cause there are still songs we haven't heard such as wild card. and the final mixes, cause the leaked ones are pretty early and well... bad worst in me remake is a need as well.
  4. like a month and a week ago idk if you know what is irony but for me this is it
  5. well you only have the passed as fuck folder that everyone have
  6. remember the times when it was a bonnie thread
  7. it's run by 12 year old hip hop boys with no life
  8. it's just the admins of leakaed being clowns lol.
  9. something i got from buying actually
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