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BTS comeback: Love Yourself 起 Wonder


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I know most people on this forum don't listen to them, but when I say I'm excited it's an understatement :yeah:

I'm assuming "Euphoria" is either the lead single/buzz single before release. Love Yourself: Wonder is the next album title I'm pretty sure

Also OT7 with black hair, this feels like a dream. There are no words :fishie::fishie::fishie:

I also love the long music video, it reminds me of the "Run" music video which is also several minutes long. Can't wait for the new era and BTS Festa coming soon after as well!

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On 7/30/2018 at 3:28 AM, Skinny Legend said:

I hear so much about them but I've never actually listened to any of their songs, only seen their annoying fangirls on Twitter... :orly: Where's a good place to start with their discography?

I'm late as hell but here's the tea:
- Love Yourself: Wonder was never released in the end, as of December 2018. Instead of that we got a re-edition of Tear and Her called Answer, which includes some new tracks and remixes.
- My advice is to listen to Love Yourself: Tear first if you like mainstream pop. It's really good. However, if you prefer Hip-Hop, I'd recommend Dark & Wild. In my masterpost you can find some videos. Their single choices are usually good so you'll be fine listening to those first.

And I'll have to agree on the fangirls comment. They're sort of annoying and I've even seen some fangirling over their teeth. Yes. Their teeth. But don't let that image of the fandom keep you away from their extensive discography! :magic:

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