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19 hours ago, toxic84 said:

Hey everyone


New here, male in UK, love all sorts of music (especially pop obviously) - all the big pop girls!

Seems like a great site!

Welcome to the board.  IMHO one of the most friendliest boards I have been associated with.  That includes (music and non music related) 

Enjoy yourself and share everything music related you have with me and we will get along great.  . :D

Seriously.  Just have fun and enjoy the company.


P.S.  I too enjoy Girls Aloud.  But I am an even bigger fan of Cheryl Cole.






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On 22/7/2017 at 3:15 AM, toxic84 said:

Hahahaha, hell yes the queen of Tesco... and on a side note,  'The Sweetest High' is a total bop!!

It sure is! Apparently she's just signed a deal with Virgin, let's see if she gets anything out for us. ;)

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