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Lana Del Rey Dating G-Eazy


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G-Eazy can't get enough of Lana Del Rey ... even if his face doesn't show it here.

The "Me, Myself & I" rapper and singer were leaving Avenue Tuesday night in L.A. ... showing all the signs of a new couple. It was the third night in a row they'd been out and about together.

Eazy and Lana started the turn-up Sunday ... leaving Warwick together. Monday night they were at Beauty and Essex. Not to mention ... they were kicking it at Coachella too.

So, yeah... they're connected at the hip now. #NoLongerMeMyselfAndI


Just when I thought it was tragic how many songs Bebe Rexha has featuring G-Eazy, now Lana has one-upped her and decided to date this hot mess. :die: I knew she had bad taste in men but I never knew that she liked them untalented as well.

#LeaveHerAloneG #BringBackK

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16 hours ago, MarcoDelrassi said:


The Queen of YouTube! :yaskween:

11 hours ago, blackglitter said:

i'm lowkey happy cause i've predicted this lmao. a few months ago i had a dream lana and gerald were dating and lana released alternate version of 'west coast' music video featuring g as her gangster boyfriend. hoping the second part of that dream will come true too :magic:

What even?! :stretcher: The messiest part is that 'West Coast' is three years old...When you get the chance, please dream they break up and she comes to tour Australia, thanks! :magic:

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