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Canada's Kelly McMichael is no stranger to synthpop. Having performed in the past with Jess Tollefsen (of Green Go) in the now-disbanded synth band Rouge, with Troye Sivan collaborator Allie X as part of AL X & other bands from the Toronto/Ontario music scene, she knows a thing or two about electronic music. In November of 2015, RENDERS released the debut single 'I Am Gone', a fully fleshed-out version of a track originally appearing on the 2014 RPM project 'Homewrecker'. Now, a brand new 4-track EP has just been unleashed onto the 'net. Produced by McMichael & Mark Andrade of Paradise Animals, the self-titled extended play takes 1980s-influenced synthpop vibes and gives them a refreshing moden twist.

The EP opens with the danceable-yet-deep new single 'Running Through the Night'. The thumping dance beats & glittering 1980s-style synths provide an atmospheric backdrop for McMichael's smooth vocals and empowering lyrics. The song also owes itself to the first ever RENDERS music video, filmed by Madison Banks.

Up next is the chilled out 'The Garden'. With its deep bassline and dreamy, clattering drum machines, it evokes memories of summer nights and cool breezes on hot days. Originally featured on 2014's 'Homewrecker' LP, 'The Garden' has been given a new lease of life, having been entirely remade, complete with new vocals.

Hints of McMichael's previous EP 'Liminal' show through on the third track of the EP, 'On the Ceiling'. With pulsing synthesizers and guitars, the song definitely keeps up the laid-back theme of the album, perfect for a summer release.

The extended play's closing track and lead single 'I Am Gone' brings together summery beats, lush synths, and vocals reminiscent of former popstar Nelly Furtado. McMichael's self-described 'stoner-pop' aesthetic definitely describes this track to a t. All in all, the RENDERS EP exhibits the perfect mix of well written, relatable lyrics, slick vocals & harmonies, and nuanced yet radio friendly production. This is just the beginning for the project, and it's off to a great start.

Other tracks from the RENDERS project include a cover of Lana Del Rey's 'Music to Watch Boys To', which transforms the track into a chilled out trip-hop number reminiscent of Grimes, and a tongue-in-cheek ode to Josh Donaldson of the Toronto Blue Jays, aptly titled 'Josh'.

The brand new self-titled EP from RENDERS is available to stream/purchase on the official RENDERS Bandcamp profile.


You can also catch up with Kelly on her Twitter, Facebook & Instagram pages. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview coming next week!

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