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  1. Olympia

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    i'm 230 lbs but thank you thanks girlie
  2. Olympia

    Pictures Of You Thread 2.0

    a 2017 update on my fatness
  3. Olympia

    Who Have You Seen Live?

    Gaga and I'm seeing Austra in March
  4. Olympia

    Egg to Egg:An AMA With Aley Eggs

    kindly refrain from dragging my boyfriend into things pls and thank
  5. Olympia

    Egg to Egg:An AMA With Aley Eggs

    i stanned neon for a week before she dropped anarchy, i just havent changed my avi since fmznxc
  6. Olympia

    Egg to Egg:An AMA With Aley Eggs

    her old songs >>>
  7. Olympia

    Egg to Egg:An AMA With Aley Eggs

    i certainly know some good music but there certainly isn't any in that video /:
  8. Olympia

    Egg to Egg:An AMA With Aley Eggs

    when are you releasing the unreleased songs? i love identity theif, sorry i hate my fans and debut single flopped
  9. Olympia

    Flop Albums of 2016

    joanne and anarchy
  10. Olympia

    Your Best/Worst Songs Of The Year

    best: 1. Austra - Utopia 2. Allie X - Casanova 3. Allie X - Purge 4. Bat for Lashes - Joe's Dream 5. Allie X - Too Much to Dream 6. Bat for Lashes - Sunday Love 7. GFOTY - Mr. E 8. Allie X - Misbelieving 9. Charli XCX - After the Afterparty 10. Allie X - That's So Us worst 1. The Chainsmokers - Closer 2. Lady Gaga - Just Another Day 3. Lady Gaga - Dancin in Circles 4. Lady Gaga - Angel Down 5. Lady Gaga - Million Reasons 6. Lady Gaga - AYO 7. Lady Gaga - Come to Mama 8. The Weeknd - Starboy 9. Drake - One Dance 10. Heathens - 21 Pilots
  11. Olympia

    Scam Reporting Thread

    this drama is so messy but so funny to watch, honestly. glad i don't stan that irrelevant bitch anymore
  12. Olympia

    Introducing PHF'S Next Top Cover Designer!

    @Tyra Banks i claim allie x!! (^:
  13. Olympia

    Olympia's Graphics

    new cover art!

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