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Share your favourite flops!

Third Eye

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In this topic we will share videos/songs/interviews/performances from our favourite flops so we all can get new music and discover not too popular artists!

I want to hear new talents, share as much singers as you want. Pop Love Flops.

Since is my topic.. my rules, don't try to shade any artist from the topic just enjoy the music & discover the new artist, remember: everything is a taste thing.


Starting my topic with my favourite, DAMI IM, many of you saw me stanning her here so much and talking about her in the chatbox, but I know that not all of the user have seen her. If you are european and you watch eurovision, you will remember her face. She won Australian X Factor 2013, so she is very popular there, she also released 3 albums, but out of Australia or South Korea she's more unknown, it's time for the world to discover this talented woman and person.


Just wait for it, she will snatch your hair with the vocals, just saw the whole performance, she kills the last part (2:35). Official Video (Studio Song)

more songs:

Gladiator live Gladiator Official video

Purple Rain (One of her best covers) Alive

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Just now, icecube1914 said:

@Third Eye YES DAMI IM :hail::hail:

it still bothers me that she didnt win Eurovision. Her performance was>>>>>>>>everyone. I hope she gets on that publicity she had and puts out new music. 

omfg at you liking her!!!!! fianlly I can stan her with someone omfg yes :(((((((((((((((

duh, I'm angry everytime I remember it... she was the best eurovision singer EVER, she didn't win because everybody near Ukraine and a lot of countries HATES Russia, That song was shit, it was about politics and the song was recorded a year ago it couldn't be a submission for eurovision, UGH, I wanted Dami to win to be a eurovision legend :( I want her to be famous duh... really need new songs by her

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15 minutes ago, low kii savage said:

7000 followers counts as flop? tho, they're awsome, most of Felix Snow's productions r good as hell :hail:

yes! Flops or people who are not popular or things like that, Dami has a big number followers I guess, but I think but she's not popular and people doesn't know about her

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