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XTina's Manager Shades Britney & J. Lo

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Christina Aguilera hasn't peaked yet, according to her manager Irving Azoff - unlike fellow superstars Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez. 

Azoff said that the US Voice coach is in the "prime of her career" at the moment and "never happier". 

When asked about a prospective Las Vegas residency for Aguilera in a podcast with Pauly Shore, Azoff said that it is "not time yet" for Aguilera 

"No disrespect to Britney, or to Jennifer Lopez, who's doing [a residency], and Shania [Twain], who did one, but Christina's not peaked yet," the manager said. 

"She's in the prime of the career." 

Britney recently extended her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood for another two years, while Lopez will begin her stint in January 2016. 

"[Christina's] about to go back on The Voice, about to finish a record, about to do another guest shot on Nashville, and the record's amazing," Azoff revealed. 

"She's never happier and never done better."

Legenteama preaching the truth! :hail: When will Troy Carter? :rockon:

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