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What is your favorite album all time?


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This is so hard but I'm gonna say Exodus by Utada is my favourite album of all time! I know that nobody else on this forum checks for her at all but it's really worth the listen, it has such a nice variety of sounds and she wrote and produced the whole thing almost entirely by herself. :hail:Blackout and The Fame Monster are both definitely up there as well though!


Make a mega!  :magic:

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Ke$ha - Animal & Cannibal

LDR - Born to Die (Paradise Edition)

Taylor Swift - 1989

Gaga - Artpop


Lily Allen - Alright, Still



I'm shocked that anyone even liked Froot, let alone considers it one of their favourite albums of all time. :shocked:


How dare u I love it!  I'm a Ruin and Savages Are 2 of my fav songs just because I love the lyrics.


But my favourite Marina one has to be The Family Jewels bc it seems so raw & really deep. I love how she sang about her personal problems with socialising & stuff, which is an issue I have as well. Also, the record had this rock kind of edge to it, in a way. She was more alternative then. The same goes with Katy's One of the Boys. It seemed less pop then, and more on the rock edge. But that's what was in circa 2008, right? As for Lana, I actually don't have a favourite album. I want to say Born To Die as I was actually obsessed with it at one stage (but that was the only studio album Lana had released (apart from A.K.A. obviously) then bc Ultraviolence wasn't yet released). I have an extremely strong feeling that Honeymoon will be my favourite. I feel really good vibes from it and if (BIG IF OKAY? NO ARGUMENTS) Serial Killer is on the album I will die from being to utterly happy as it is my favourite song of all time.

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