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The Confession Game

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I exposed my two-timing 'friend' for the fraud he really is in front of our friend group.

Details  :popcorn:

Me too! I wanna know details too! :popcorn:

Oh wait, y'all want details of my confession.

i basically found out that he was spilling everyone's secrets that were told in confidence. Luckily I have no secrets to hide, but when I found out he had been telling shit from a mutual friend in another group, I confronted him while we were at lunch. He felt so guilty that he got up and left. He was always so full of himself too. Really lived by that innocent until proven guilty bit.

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I got tipsy on New Years and fuck Carcass' dad

You want to.....  :vacuum:


I can't believe how we let this thread flop... lol


Confession... Er, there's not much to confess. I hate 80s music. Most of it. Like go ahead and delete it fat if you try to send it to me.

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