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Carcass Opens Up New Website!


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PHF's very own Carcass has opened up a new site full of wonderful things. Please support him by visiting his site. It would mean a lot to him  :magic:

That site is sick and Carcass, you should be embarrassed. :ban:

Don't you love all the dead hot guys tho?

Cypher likes living women. We're not all freaks like you Carcass. Your welcome for the promo tho :magic:

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Carcass, I'm so proud of you for finally following your dreams and making the site you've wanted to create for such a long time! It's amazing that even with all the odds against you you've still managed to make a career out of doing what you love. Don't let the online haters in this thread get you down, they're all just anonymous douchebags who probably Google cute dead guys all the time under their bed covers! Stay strong!

In the immortal words of stustustugoo:


id fuck his soles raw till his sole flesh fell off the bones!!!!!!!

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Sometimes I wonder if I should be really proud to have friends like you or really, really afraid. Especially you Ashley. Lmao.

If you're not proud to me friends with the most well liked and successful pop star in history, you need to banned.  :vacuum:

I'm both terrified and proud haha

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