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What's your best unleaked track?


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Ignoring trade value and your biases for your favorite artists, what's the best unleaked track you have in terms of the best song?

For me, I'd probably have to say KT Tunstall's "All My Heart Is In It". Deliciously acerbic lyrics, great vocal delivery and guitar riffs, and a killer bass line and flute solo (yes, a killer flute solo).

Honorable mention goes to BC Jean's "How a Heart Unbreaks". That has massive hit potential written all over it.

Also, it leaked a long time ago, but I recently found what was likely the original source for Jewel's "Shadows Play". So sultry. That might be my #1 if it weren't already leaked.

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This is a hard question to answer! I'm not trying to show off or anything by saying this, but I have to say I actually think that Nicki and Parker song I've talked about is actually my favourite, just because I've listened to it the most. :stretcher: But before it leaked I would definitely have said 'Teenage Wasteland' plus a bunch of other Lana songs that are now out.

Shhh, no one's ever supposed to find out about this PHF exclusive. Mo blew through a lot of dicks for that one. :morning:

There were so many false starts to that one. :'( I'm still kinda pissed that you promised to give me the track if I let you sit on my face and then never came through Cyph. :vacuum:

I Need You - Kelly Clarkson

Dark Love (City Streets) - Leona Lewis

We Are Dead - Marion Raven

love love love the 3 of them

So jealous of those first two. :'( :'( :'(

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