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  1. Can someone PM me Lemonade?

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      It's already been posted in several different formats.

  2. Ha, you're gonna regret tagging me. What's the highest quality available? FLAC? These are the artists I most want: Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas (2 sessions) L.A. Witch The Civil Wars (2 sessions) Elle King (2 sessions) But I'd also like these, in roughly this priority, if you ever get around to it:
  3. Any receipts for any of the stuff about intended releases?
  4. How is this news? Write an article when he's not a suspect in an assault.
  5. I appreciate the history and intent, but I think the name is holding the site back.
  6. Disgusting. Does Bobbi Kristina's hologram have no respect for the dead?
  7. Someone buy me a new bass strap.

  8. https://archive.org/ But it can only do page by page and won't save embedded images. I'm looking for something to make a local backup. Also, a lot of the content on the site I want to back up requires being logged in, which archive.org can't do.
  9. Can anyone recommend any tools for backing up an entire website that I do not own? Ideally, I'd like something that can optionally save embedded images that are hosted on other sites or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Feeling really old reading this thread and realizing I'm probably the only one here old enough to remember when her first album came out.
  11. What Paloma Faith track did they leak?
  12. Would now be an inopportune time to mention that I'm a mod at LB? That whole 14 situation was honestly funny as fuck. A group of people pool serious money to purchase a rare album to share amongst themselves... and then it leaks the next day. One of the other LB mods got really pissed at me for making fun of him for wasting his money on that. As if anyone could think it wasn't going to leak anyway?
  13. Ignoring trade value and your biases for your favorite artists, what's the best unleaked track you have in terms of the best song? For me, I'd probably have to say KT Tunstall's "All My Heart Is In It". Deliciously acerbic lyrics, great vocal delivery and guitar riffs, and a killer bass line and flute solo (yes, a killer flute solo). Honorable mention goes to BC Jean's "How a Heart Unbreaks". That has massive hit potential written all over it. Also, it leaked a long time ago, but I recently found what was likely the original source for Jewel's "Shadows Play". So sultry. That might be my #1
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