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Selena Gomez Signs With Interscope


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Now that she's on Interscope we know that Gaga is gonna collab with her like she is with every person on the label. :magic: Plus she'll get a higher budget and start working with RedOne and David Guetta. I'm kinda here for it tho, ngl. :hail: At least they might let her release more than two singles from one album!

I just hope the bitch gets raunchier lol.

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Interscope has higher priorities than Dumblena Hoemez. She'll probably either release a generic and awful new album that'll lose her what little respect she had or get stuck in Interscope's circlejerk of an A&R department and never put anything out again, lest she risk losing millions by buying herself out of the contract.

Clearly someone's a fan of Phlegmy...:vacuum: :vacuum: :vacuum:

Stars Dance 2.0 please and thank you.

THIS THO. :hail: That album is perfection! Although, still...




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