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First Ever PHF Petition To....


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make Cypher my husband. He has a flawless cd collection & I want half when I divorce him want to share it with him :hail:






Let me know how many signatures and I'll deem what an appropriate amount is! :magic:

A) You already have a man

B) You have a baby

and Cypher is not a homwreker  :morning:

Alex knows my moral code too well.


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I currently have 1,034,894 signatures & a kickstart with $10,234,234,282 donated for our cd shopping needs :magic:

That progress!

Here's the end total: 35,000,000 signatures and a total raised sum of $400,000,000,000. You're getting there! :magic:

I tried to break it to many times, so I know  :'(

#JusticeForAlex #Scroogpher

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