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The tickets don't lie


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Has Lady Gaga's moment passed? If demand for tickets is any indication, there may not be enough little monsters out there to save the singer's tour.

Tickets for Gaga's current tour have surprisingly not broken into the top-10 list of StubHub's most popular events, the president of the eBay-owned ticket broker said on Wednesday.

"One Direction is still in the top 10 for concerts on StubHub but Lady Gaga is not, and that's a little bit surprising this year. Even though she's touring and generally doing a lot of concerts she's not in our top 10 this year," Chris Tsakalakis said in a "Squawk Box" interview.

As of Wednesday morning, StubHub showed 300 tickets still available for the singer's Wednesday night concert in Seattle, starting as low as $41.65. She has three more shows over the next week, and there were at least 400 tickets left for each of those as well, with starting prices as low as $38.30.

Tour executives have denied reports that tickets were not selling well, though. Live Nation's Arthur Fogel told Billboard in late March that ticket sales were already at 80 percent of capacity at that time, with $26 million in gross revenue to date.

Earlier this year, in a documentary about Fogel, the singer acknowledged that she went broke during a 2009 tour due to its costs.

- By CNBC.com staff

Source: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101709825

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