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Closure of the PHF Shop

Main Pop Girl

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Hi y'all!

I'm sure a lot of you have already seen this coming, but I thought I'd make it official!

For around the past six months the PHF Shop has been super difficult to use. While it seems like you guys can buy items, credits aren't always added to your bank accounts when you post, and there's barely anything that I can do when it comes to adding new items for you guys to buy and editing the items we already have.

The other problem is that while I have this shop add-on installed, I'm unable to try out any other newer ones to see if they work any better. I still think that the shop is a cool idea to have and a great incentive for people to post, so I've been looking at newer mods we can use and there's a few other options we have that might work better than ours. But while I have this one installed, we can't trial any of the other options we have or the whole site could die. :stretcher:

I've been putting off removing the shop because it seemed kind of unfair to those who had spent so long saving money in it. However, it's pretty much completely unusable at this point, so even those of you with thousands of credits won't have much to spend them on. If you do want to spend your credits before we close the shop, you'll have a week from today (Friday the 18th) in which to do so before the shop is closed for good.

I'll also be recording the credits of everyone who posts in this thread so that if/when we get a new shop add-on, I'll be able to give you those credits that you've already earned as a head start from other users. So none of your credits will go to waste!

In the meantime, feel free to get buying, and don't forget to visit the official PHF Merchandise Store if you're just dying to keep spending money! :magic:

Have fun! <3

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Yay! <3 I'm glad you guys are supportive of this decision, I was expecting a few bitches to come in here complaining tbh. :vacuum:

Hey I bought a name change but it never went through even though I used it. I changed it to : SeacowSt

You've actually already changed your username! Remember there's a difference between your username, which is your official name people use to contact you, and your name, which is just the display name which you have and which you can change at any time. ;)

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